Weston, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Conley, George Warren  2 Apr 1925Weston, West Virginia I27943 Virts 
2 Wolfe, Clarence  Mar 1901Weston, West Virginia I35018 Virts 
3 Wolfe, Genevieve Florence  5 Aug 1895Weston, West Virginia I35016 Virts 
4 Wolfe, Wayne Wyant  7 Sep 1900Weston, West Virginia I67775 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blosser, Billie Eugene  12 Oct 2017Weston, West Virginia I106515 Virts 
2 Bolyard, Winfield  3 Jun 1944Weston, West Virginia I71060 Virts 
3 Dignazio, Rose  18 Apr 1967Weston, West Virginia I70631 Virts 
4 Flowers, Jessie Samuel  4 May 1971Weston, West Virginia I29494 Virts 
5 Furtney, Annie E.  21 Jul 1912Weston, West Virginia I23582 Virts 
6 Haley, Fred  24 May 1946Weston, West Virginia I45995 Virts 
7 Johnson, James Samuel  30 Jan 1899Weston, West Virginia I28625 Virts 
8 Potterfield, Betty Frances  29 Sep 1956Weston, West Virginia I18693 Virts 
9 Runner, Arnold R.  5 Jan 1959Weston, West Virginia I28660 Virts 
10 Runner, Waitman Brock  16 May 1911Weston, West Virginia I28654 Virts 
11 Runner, Zachariah Westley  5 Oct 1960Weston, West Virginia I28407 Virts 
12 Sayler, Clarence Arthur  1 Dec 1944Weston, West Virginia I45521 Virts 
13 Smith, George Clayton  28 Apr 1945Weston, West Virginia I103202 Virts 
14 Thorn, Clarence Allen  13 Aug 1956Weston, West Virginia I28123 Virts 
15 Wolfe, Clarence  17 Feb 1903Weston, West Virginia I35018 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 McMahon / Wolfe  16 Aug 1919Weston, West Virginia F13976 Virts