Ulster County, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alsdorf, Gertrude  19 Oct 1805Ulster County, New York I96532 Virts 
2 Alsdorf, Lourentz  Ulster County, New York I96535 Virts 
3 Alsdorf, Peter  16 Jan 1770Ulster County, New York I96536 Virts 
4 Alsdorf, Sarah E.  22 Aug 1876Ulster County, New York I91646 Virts 
5 Auchmoody, Rachel  1749Ulster County, New York I96600 Virts 
6 Bevier, Catherine  11 Nov 1811Ulster County, New York I92607 Virts 
7 Bevier, David  6 Mar 1816Ulster County, New York I92608 Virts 
8 Bevier, Elizabeth  10 Dec 1824Ulster County, New York I92609 Virts 
9 Bevier, Esther Gumaer  6 Jul 1817Ulster County, New York I92612 Virts 
10 Bevier, Louis  25 Apr 1717Ulster County, New York I92645 Virts 
11 Bevier, Louis  13 Feb 1779Ulster County, New York I92603 Virts 
12 Brink, Abraham  11 Feb 1802Ulster County, New York I53850 Virts 
13 Brink, Abraham  16 May 1833Ulster County, New York I53859 Virts 
14 Brink, Hiram  16 May 1833Ulster County, New York I53860 Virts 
15 Brink, Maria  12 Jan 1783Ulster County, New York I53849 Virts 
16 Brink, Sarah Maria  16 May 1833Ulster County, New York I53861 Virts 
17 Burhans, Lydia Jane  31 Jul 1836Ulster County, New York I91599 Virts 
18 Coe, Lewis Hine  4 Apr 1824Ulster County, New York I91208 Virts 
19 Deyo, Abraham  19 Feb 1840Ulster County, New York I91295 Virts 
20 Deyo, Abraham A. Jr.  7 Aug 1818Ulster County, New York I91705 Virts 
21 Deyo, Abraham J.  21 Jan 1790Ulster County, New York I91201 Virts 
22 Deyo, Abraham William Sr.  20 Jan 1866Ulster County, New York I94870 Virts 
23 Deyo, Abram  6 Aug 1869Ulster County, New York I95028 Virts 
24 Deyo, Althea Jane  31 Aug 1839Ulster County, New York I91291 Virts 
25 Deyo, Andrew  10 May 1819Ulster County, New York I91278 Virts 
26 Deyo, Andrew Broadhead  11 Jun 1871Ulster County, New York I91112 Virts 
27 Deyo, Asa  12 Aug 1822Ulster County, New York I91277 Virts 
28 Deyo, Asa Melvin  26 Dec 1856Ulster County, New York I91290 Virts 
29 Deyo, Benjamin  7 May 1725Ulster County, New York I91905 Virts 
30 Deyo, Catharine Anna  19 Aug 1846Ulster County, New York I91680 Virts 
31 Deyo, Catherine Emily  13 Jan 1849Ulster County, New York I91292 Virts 
32 Deyo, Charles Edwin  29 Apr 1851Ulster County, New York I91293 Virts 
33 Deyo, Christian Johannes  15 Jun 1732Ulster County, New York I91664 Virts 
34 Deyo, Clinton  13 Jan 1820Ulster County, New York I95336 Virts 
35 Deyo, Cornelia  31 May 1833Ulster County, New York I91276 Virts 
36 Deyo, Cornelia  2 Feb 1851Ulster County, New York I91533 Virts 
37 Deyo, Cornelia Hasbrouck  25 Dec 1838Ulster County, New York I91289 Virts 
38 Deyo, Daniel  14 Sep 1740Ulster County, New York I91104 Virts 
39 Deyo, David  Abt 1737Ulster County, New York I91910 Virts 
40 Deyo, Deborah  Abt 1717Ulster County, New York I91901 Virts 
41 Deyo, Edmund  15 Feb 1827Ulster County, New York I91279 Virts 
42 Deyo, Eliza  16 Sep 1829Ulster County, New York I95332 Virts 
43 Deyo, Elmira  4 Mar 1833Ulster County, New York I95331 Virts 
44 Deyo, Emma  17 Mar 1856Ulster County, New York I91532 Virts 
45 Deyo, Ezekiel Ira  3 Oct 1842Ulster County, New York I94845 Virts 
46 Deyo, Frederick  9 Aug 1867Ulster County, New York I91113 Virts 
47 Deyo, Gertrude  30 Nov 1860Ulster County, New York I91536 Virts 
48 Deyo, Gertrude Bogardus  25 Jan 1817Ulster County, New York I91713 Virts 
49 Deyo, Gertrude Maria  13 Dec 1824Ulster County, New York I91282 Virts 
50 Deyo, Hendrious Jr.  13 Nov 1731Ulster County, New York I91908 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alsdorf, Hendricus  23 Mar 1845Ulster County, New York I96570 Virts 
2 Alsdorf, Rhoda M.  Jan 1946Ulster County, New York I96584 Virts 
3 Blanshan, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1880Ulster County, New York I95330 Virts 
4 Brink, Abraham  7 Oct 1858Ulster County, New York I53850 Virts 
5 Brink, Jan Cornelisen  30 Jun 1843Ulster County, New York I53848 Virts 
6 Brink, Sarah Maria  10 Sep 1836Ulster County, New York I53861 Virts 
7 Dean, Augusta  4 May 1978Ulster County, New York I91758 Virts 
8 Deane, Ezekiel Deyo  29 Jun 1944Ulster County, New York I91745 Virts 
9 Deyo, Abraham  7 Sep 1880Ulster County, New York I91676 Virts 
10 Deyo, Catherine  19 Aug 1870Ulster County, New York I91114 Virts 
11 Deyo, Christian Johannes  21 Nov 1807Ulster County, New York I91664 Virts 
12 Deyo, DeWitt Elting  23 Aug 1888Ulster County, New York I91126 Virts 
13 Deyo, Emma  19 Aug 1857Ulster County, New York I91532 Virts 
14 Deyo, John Richard Wood  8 May 1956Ulster County, New York I95406 Virts 
15 Deyo, Jonathan  23 Dec 1840Ulster County, New York I91608 Virts 
16 Deyo, Lydia Blandina  5 Nov 1924Ulster County, New York I104851 Virts 
17 Deyo, Moses  1765Ulster County, New York I91662 Virts 
18 Deyo, Moses  21 Nov 1870Ulster County, New York I95337 Virts 
19 Deyo, Ralph  28 Aug 1876Ulster County, New York I91721 Virts 
20 Deyo, Ralph  19 Jan 1929Ulster County, New York I104852 Virts 
21 Deyo, Rebecca  9 Nov 1876Ulster County, New York I91118 Virts 
22 Deyo, Stephen  6 May 1874Ulster County, New York I95329 Virts 
23 Deyoe, Maria  27 Mar 1741Ulster County, New York I91914 Virts 
24 DuBois, Catharine  17 Jul 1814Ulster County, New York I92724 Virts 
25 DuBois, Catharine  26 Jun 1857Ulster County, New York I104934 Virts 
26 DuBois, Gertrude  31 May 1919Ulster County, New York I91467 Virts 
27 DuBois, Martin Van Buren  13 Feb 1897Ulster County, New York I91877 Virts 
28 Dunn, Julia Ann  1844Ulster County, New York I96543 Virts 
29 Ean, Catherine  17 Jan 1858Ulster County, New York I91609 Virts 
30 Eane, Elias  19 Nov 1841Ulster County, New York I92712 Virts 
31 Eltinge, Jan  7 Mar 1762Ulster County, New York I92684 Virts 
32 Freer, Anna  8 May 1883Ulster County, New York I95338 Virts 
33 Freer, Calvin Hasbrouck  13 Mar 1966Ulster County, New York I91630 Virts 
34 Freer, Elias  23 Oct 1892Ulster County, New York I104855 Virts 
35 Freer, Nathan  18 Mar 1893Ulster County, New York I104854 Virts 
36 Handley, Bridget Nellie  1980Ulster County, New York I53477 Virts 
37 Hasbrouck, Catharine  5 Feb 1799Ulster County, New York I92730 Virts 
38 Hasbrouck, Elizabeth  29 Jan 1829Ulster County, New York I92711 Virts 
39 Hasbrouck, Hayler  9 Dec 1955Ulster County, New York I91641 Virts 
40 Hasbrouck, Jonas  11 Aug 1824Ulster County, New York I92716 Virts 
41 Hasbrouck, Kenneth Edward Sr.  26 May 1996Ulster County, New York I91528 Virts 
42 Hasbrouck, Nellie Kiersted  3 Mar 1961Ulster County, New York I92563 Virts 
43 Hasbrouck, Oscar  17 Apr 1848Ulster County, New York I92558 Virts 
44 Hasbrouck, Rachel  25 Dec 1777Ulster County, New York I92687 Virts 
45 Hasbrouck, Solomon  3 Apr 1753Ulster County, New York I92707 Virts 
46 Hommel, Alida Catherine  5 Jan 1868Ulster County, New York I20079 Virts 
47 Hommel, Annatje Hannah  19 May 1859Ulster County, New York I53700 Virts 
48 Hommel, Hermanus  23 Oct 1842Ulster County, New York I53695 Virts 
49 Hommel, Jeremias  28 Nov 1857Ulster County, New York I53542 Virts 
50 Hommel, Marytje Maria  15 Jun 1864Ulster County, New York I53578 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baldwin / France  6 Sep 1914Ulster County, New York F21315 Virts 
2 Deyo / Hasbrouck  6 Nov 1796Ulster County, New York F37133 Virts 
3 Deyo / Rosenkranse  1 Sep 1914Ulster County, New York F38471 Virts 
4 Deyo / Satterlee  26 Aug 1908Ulster County, New York F37166 Virts 
5 Deyo / Schoonmaker  21 Mar 1908Ulster County, New York F43075 Virts 
6 Deyo / Stokkraad  17 Apr 1728Ulster County, New York F37144 Virts 
7 Hoffman / Alsdorf  27 May 1908Ulster County, New York F39178 Virts 
8 Hommel / Ransom  17 Oct 1914Ulster County, New York F21268 Virts 
9 McCord / Van Keuren  26 Oct 1910Ulster County, New York F37221 Virts 
10 Osterhoudt / Deyo  3 Sep 1910Ulster County, New York F37112 Virts 
11 Overbaugh / Baldwin  2 Apr 1911Ulster County, New York F21314 Virts 
12 Schoonmaker / Post  3 Nov 1912Ulster County, New York F18978 Virts 
13 Whelton / Deyo  28 Dec 1910Ulster County, New York F37164 Virts 
14 Williams / Freer  28 Oct 1908Ulster County, New York F38681 Virts