Raleigh County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Madeline Clara  Abt 1909Raleigh County, West Virginia I103614 Virts 
2 Booth, William W.  10 Jan 1930Raleigh County, West Virginia I103910 Virts 
3 Bower, Clarence Roy  5 Jun 1903Raleigh County, West Virginia I104202 Virts 
4 Bower, Gary E.  19 Jun 1939Raleigh County, West Virginia I104222 Virts 
5 Bower, Giles Martin  28 Dec 1891Raleigh County, West Virginia I104174 Virts 
6 Bower, James Quincy  16 Feb 1898Raleigh County, West Virginia I104200 Virts 
7 Bower, Lacy Sidney  11 Jul 1903Raleigh County, West Virginia I30139 Virts 
8 Bower, Luda E.  12 Sep 1895Raleigh County, West Virginia I104185 Virts 
9 Bower, Lula E.  15 Dec 1893Raleigh County, West Virginia I104184 Virts 
10 Bower, Luther  19 Apr 1884Raleigh County, West Virginia I103968 Virts 
11 Bower, Minnie  Mar 1888Raleigh County, West Virginia I30133 Virts 
12 Bower, Roxanna Amelia  27 Feb 1887Raleigh County, West Virginia I30137 Virts 
13 Bryson, Barbara E.  9 Jan 1879Raleigh County, West Virginia I15058 Virts 
14 Bryson, Jessie Crockett  10 Jul 1898Raleigh County, West Virginia I22892 Virts 
15 Bryson, John Grose  7 Mar 1913Raleigh County, West Virginia I30220 Virts 
16 Bryson, Manser Henry  23 Oct 1854Raleigh County, West Virginia I15057 Virts 
17 Canaday, Duffy N.  20 Mar 1895Raleigh County, West Virginia I30174 Virts 
18 Canaday, Henry Daniel  27 Feb 1896Raleigh County, West Virginia I104090 Virts 
19 Canaday, John A.  26 Jan 1898Raleigh County, West Virginia I30177 Virts 
20 Canaday, Juda Emaline  1 Aug 1894Raleigh County, West Virginia I104088 Virts 
21 Canaday, Mosbey Edward  29 May 1870Raleigh County, West Virginia I30129 Virts 
22 Canaday, Nacie Aria  9 Dec 1903Raleigh County, West Virginia I104134 Virts 
23 Canaday, Naoma A.  20 Feb 1897Raleigh County, West Virginia I104242 Virts 
24 Canaday, Stephen Reed  12 Dec 1907Raleigh County, West Virginia I103533 Virts 
25 Canaday, Velma Mae  4 Oct 1927Raleigh County, West Virginia I104099 Virts 
26 Cole, Lonnie Calvin  3 Nov 1897Raleigh County, West Virginia I104146 Virts 
27 Cook, Emma  1 Jun 1879Raleigh County, West Virginia I103824 Virts 
28 Cooper, Rev. James Lloyd  19 Nov 1929Raleigh County, West Virginia I103929 Virts 
29 Covey, Allie Frances  23 Feb 1889Raleigh County, West Virginia I103525 Virts 
30 Covey, Carley Roxie  2 Jul 1885Raleigh County, West Virginia I103523 Virts 
31 Covey, Charles Frederick  11 Jun 1887Raleigh County, West Virginia I103524 Virts 
32 Covey, James Edward  17 Jul 1883Raleigh County, West Virginia I103522 Virts 
33 Covey, Martha Hunt  22 Feb 1926Raleigh County, West Virginia I103683 Virts 
34 Covey, Orpha  15 Oct 1907Raleigh County, West Virginia I103629 Virts 
35 Covey, Sallie Abertine  3 Feb 1903Raleigh County, West Virginia I103529 Virts 
36 Covey, Thomas Holt  15 Jun 1894Raleigh County, West Virginia I103527 Virts 
37 Covey, Winton Guy Sr.  10 May 1905Raleigh County, West Virginia I103613 Virts 
38 Curtis, Carna Clinton  16 Jun 1901Raleigh County, West Virginia I103798 Virts 
39 Curtis, Irene Margaret  24 Sep 1929Raleigh County, West Virginia I103801 Virts 
40 Curtis, James Clayborn  2 Sep 1875Raleigh County, West Virginia I15203 Virts 
41 Davis, Ruhuma  13 Sep 1866Raleigh County, West Virginia I15192 Virts 
42 Deweese, Mary Frances  14 Mar 1857Raleigh County, West Virginia I15056 Virts 
43 Dunn, Opal Lillia  16 Mar 1894Raleigh County, West Virginia I103751 Virts 
44 Dunn, Warren Jeter  11 Jul 1897Raleigh County, West Virginia I103759 Virts 
45 Farley, Dewey Ernest  1 Dec 1917Raleigh County, West Virginia I104040 Virts 
46 Farley, Homer Hersal  4 Jul 1921Raleigh County, West Virginia I104318 Virts 
47 Farley, Jennings Bryant  25 Jul 1897Raleigh County, West Virginia I30157 Virts 
48 Farley, William Sullivan  14 Jul 1888Raleigh County, West Virginia I104038 Virts 
49 Fink, Glen Lee  15 May 1923Raleigh County, West Virginia I103435 Virts 
50 Foster, Emma Susan  11 Oct 1879Raleigh County, West Virginia I103877 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bair, Raymond H.  18 Apr 1957Raleigh County, West Virginia I48031 Virts 
2 Booth, James Griffin  2 Jul 2000Raleigh County, West Virginia I103909 Virts 
3 Bower, Lula E.  19 Feb 1910Raleigh County, West Virginia I104184 Virts 
4 Brown, Christopher Adolphus  16 Jan 1895Raleigh County, West Virginia I15064 Virts 
5 Bryson, Barbara E.  1 Aug 1891Raleigh County, West Virginia I15058 Virts 
6 Canaday, Alice Mae  20 Aug 1977Raleigh County, West Virginia I104145 Virts 
7 Canaday, Henry Daniel  26 Mar 1896Raleigh County, West Virginia I104090 Virts 
8 Canaday, John A.  27 Jan 1898Raleigh County, West Virginia I30177 Virts 
9 Canaday, Juda Emaline  2 Aug 1894Raleigh County, West Virginia I104088 Virts 
10 Canaday, Naoma A.  21 Feb 1897Raleigh County, West Virginia I104242 Virts 
11 Canaday, Stephen Reed  3 Feb 1982Raleigh County, West Virginia I103533 Virts 
12 Covey, James Edward  1887Raleigh County, West Virginia I103522 Virts 
13 Covey, Weir Weldon  23 Apr 1972Raleigh County, West Virginia I103674 Virts 
14 Curtis, Irene Margaret  1 Mar 2007Raleigh County, West Virginia I103801 Virts 
15 Curtis, Wade L.  31 Jul 2014Raleigh County, West Virginia I103802 Virts 
16 Davis, Delia  8 Jun 1974Raleigh County, West Virginia I15206 Virts 
17 Defricce, Nora Meldon  2 Oct 1921Raleigh County, West Virginia I103904 Virts 
18 Deweese, Patterson  24 Nov 1906Raleigh County, West Virginia I14896 Virts 
19 Fink, Hazel Marie  7 Mar 2001Raleigh County, West Virginia I103355 Virts 
20 Foster, Mary Ann  30 May 1889Raleigh County, West Virginia I103209 Virts 
21 Gray, Golden Cleveland  Mar 1988Raleigh County, West Virginia I30149 Virts 
22 Gray, Griffin  5 Apr 1883Raleigh County, West Virginia I15222 Virts 
23 Gray, John William  5 Jun 1890Raleigh County, West Virginia I15069 Virts 
24 Gray, Katherine  Nov 1921Raleigh County, West Virginia I30152 Virts 
25 Gray, Mary Rosabella  2 Dec 1877Raleigh County, West Virginia I15234 Virts 
26 Gray, Richard  1870Raleigh County, West Virginia I15181 Virts 
27 Gray, Thomas W.  8 Mar 1859Raleigh County, West Virginia I15233 Virts 
28 Gray, William Pierce  19 Jul 1901Raleigh County, West Virginia I30153 Virts 
29 Gunter, Joseph David  21 Jul 1905Raleigh County, West Virginia I14928 Virts 
30 Hall, Zettie Marie  24 Apr 2003Raleigh County, West Virginia I30172 Virts 
31 Hinkle, Jamsie Eugene  28 Apr 2007Raleigh County, West Virginia I14933 Virts 
32 Light, Clyde  15 Oct 1925Raleigh County, West Virginia I47980 Virts 
33 Light, Mosella  4 Dec 1950Raleigh County, West Virginia I47940 Virts 
34 Light, Veta Clare  18 Oct 1965Raleigh County, West Virginia I47985 Virts 
35 Lilly, Margaret Mary  12 Dec 1992Raleigh County, West Virginia I103747 Virts 
36 Lilly, Mary E.  2 Dec 1880Raleigh County, West Virginia I103878 Virts 
37 Lilly, Thelma  23 Mar 1933Raleigh County, West Virginia I104194 Virts 
38 Mankin, Annie B.  7 Oct 1977Raleigh County, West Virginia I30140 Virts 
39 Mankin, Clyde G.  May 1985Raleigh County, West Virginia I30141 Virts 
40 Mays, Carol Ann  25 Feb 2014Raleigh County, West Virginia I104019 Virts 
41 Meadows, Virgil Woodrow  11 Jun 1968Raleigh County, West Virginia I48009 Virts 
42 Moodespaugh, William  24 Dec 1972Raleigh County, West Virginia I48017 Virts 
43 Murdock, Edgar Calvin  Apr 1981Raleigh County, West Virginia I30203 Virts 
44 Murdock, Ella H.  16 Jan 1911Raleigh County, West Virginia I30207 Virts 
45 O'Dell, Mary Ellen  1 Dec 1993Raleigh County, West Virginia I103554 Virts 
46 Peters, Ross  9 Oct 1939Raleigh County, West Virginia I103915 Virts 
47 Phipps, Ennis  27 May 1974Raleigh County, West Virginia I103867 Virts 
48 Pittman, Arvil Earl  1 Sep 1970Raleigh County, West Virginia I104083 Virts 
49 Polk, Clara Barton  17 May 1976Raleigh County, West Virginia I103737 Virts 
50 Riffe, Ella Myrtle  15 Apr 1898Raleigh County, West Virginia I22908 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bower, Jessie Jefferson  Raleigh County, West Virginia I104030 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bair / Stover  1931Raleigh County, West Virginia F19047 Virts 
2 Bower / Parker  24 Jul 1905Raleigh County, West Virginia F42708 Virts 
3 Bryson / Crouse  22 Oct 1911Raleigh County, West Virginia F12030 Virts 
4 Bryson / Deweese  2 Apr 1878Raleigh County, West Virginia F5570 Virts 
5 Canaday / Gray  14 Sep 1892Raleigh County, West Virginia F42738 Virts 
6 Canaday / Hill  16 May 1914Raleigh County, West Virginia F12015 Virts 
7 Canaday / Snuffer  21 Aug 1921Raleigh County, West Virginia F42758 Virts 
8 Covey / Allen  22 May 1927Raleigh County, West Virginia F42542 Virts 
9 Covey / Kidd  9 Apr 1913Raleigh County, West Virginia F42575 Virts 
10 Covey / Riffe  15 Dec 1880Raleigh County, West Virginia F5615 Virts 
11 Curtis / Riffe  10 Mar 1900Raleigh County, West Virginia F5619 Virts 
12 Daniel / Williams  8 Jul 1891Raleigh County, West Virginia F42623 Virts 
13 Deweese / Webb  20 Dec 1871Raleigh County, West Virginia F42864 Virts 
14 Dunn / Riffe  2 Dec 1889Raleigh County, West Virginia F5617 Virts 
15 Farley / Bower  14 Mar 1908Raleigh County, West Virginia F42737 Virts 
16 Foster / Gray  9 Nov 1870Raleigh County, West Virginia F5625 Virts 
17 Foster / Slaughter  19 Jun 1900Raleigh County, West Virginia F42665 Virts 
18 Gray / Hall  7 Dec 1938Raleigh County, West Virginia F12014 Virts 
19 Gray / Lester  17 Sep 1857Raleigh County, West Virginia F5581 Virts 
20 Gray / Snuffer  25 Jan 1905Raleigh County, West Virginia F11995 Virts 
21 Gray / Thompson  14 Sep 1899Raleigh County, West Virginia F12000 Virts 
22 Gunter / Sanders  3 Jan 1924Raleigh County, West Virginia F5499 Virts 
23 Haley / Deweese  28 Sep 1901Raleigh County, West Virginia F5572 Virts 
24 Hancock / Moodespaugh  1946Raleigh County, West Virginia F19046 Virts 
25 Light / Allen  1924Raleigh County, West Virginia F19031 Virts 
26 Lilly / Bower  9 Sep 1912Raleigh County, West Virginia F42799 Virts 
27 Mankin / Gray  23 Jul 1895Raleigh County, West Virginia F11999 Virts 
28 Mills / Whitt  27 May 1964Raleigh County, West Virginia F42820 Virts 
29 Moodespaugh / Stover  1913Raleigh County, West Virginia F19042 Virts 
30 Murdock / Brown  8 May 1901Raleigh County, West Virginia F12024 Virts 
31 Nugen / Bower  2 Jun 1904Raleigh County, West Virginia F12003 Virts 
32 Patterson / Murdock  28 Sep 1935Raleigh County, West Virginia F12025 Virts 
33 Pittman / Canaday  8 Sep 1908Raleigh County, West Virginia F42739 Virts 
34 Polk / Riffe  27 Dec 1893Raleigh County, West Virginia F5616 Virts 
35 Riffe / Cook  12 Mar 1898Raleigh County, West Virginia F42637 Virts 
36 Riffe / Davis  28 Feb 1900Raleigh County, West Virginia F5620 Virts 
37 Riffe / Dunn  19 Jun 1898Raleigh County, West Virginia F5618 Virts 
38 Riffe / Gray  4 Feb 1858Raleigh County, West Virginia F5613 Virts 
39 Riffe / Snuffer  18 Apr 1900Raleigh County, West Virginia F5621 Virts 
40 Shumate / Bryson  21 Nov 1912Raleigh County, West Virginia F12029 Virts 
41 Smith / Shumate  6 Oct 1932Raleigh County, West Virginia F42354 Virts 
42 Stover / Dehart  1919Raleigh County, West Virginia F19050 Virts 
43 Stover / Hollandsworth  1937Raleigh County, West Virginia F19049 Virts 
44 Wills / Baily  25 Jul 1905Raleigh County, West Virginia F42605 Virts 
45 Worley / Covey  21 Dec 1904Raleigh County, West Virginia F42504 Virts