Pickens County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abercrombie, Robert Harrison  24 Aug 1907Pickens County, South Carolina I94066 Virts 
2 Ballentine, Louie Herbert  21 Apr 1885Pickens County, South Carolina I94214 Virts 
3 Blackston, Lester Dewitt  16 Dec 1918Pickens County, South Carolina I94621 Virts 
4 Bolding, Robert Harold Jr.  16 Sep 1941Pickens County, South Carolina I93909 Virts 
5 Bryant, Alma Lucille  9 Jan 1917Pickens County, South Carolina I93906 Virts 
6 Bryant, Clarence Creighton  24 Jul 1920Pickens County, South Carolina I93923 Virts 
7 Bryant, Edward Ernest  26 Jan 1923Pickens County, South Carolina I93922 Virts 
8 Bryant, Elmer Americus  26 Aug 1914Pickens County, South Carolina I105939 Virts 
9 Bryant, Frank Samuel  13 Jul 1933Pickens County, South Carolina I105961 Virts 
10 Bryant, Harold  10 Jan 1940Pickens County, South Carolina I105946 Virts 
11 Bryant, John Earl  18 Jun 1892Pickens County, South Carolina I105938 Virts 
12 Bryant, T. B.  10 Nov 1917Pickens County, South Carolina I105944 Virts 
13 Bryant, William Roy  1 Nov 1915Pickens County, South Carolina I93902 Virts 
14 Chappell, Margie  2 Sep 1916Pickens County, South Carolina I105962 Virts 
15 Day, Chester Dewayne  13 Oct 1949Pickens County, South Carolina I94692 Virts 
16 Day, Robert Weldon  23 Mar 1926Pickens County, South Carolina I94691 Virts 
17 Edgar, Ezekiel Edward  15 May 1844Pickens County, South Carolina I40171 Virts 
18 Entrekin, Nancy Elizabeth  19 Oct 1881Pickens County, South Carolina I93901 Virts 
19 Eubanks, Vashti  13 Dec 1905Pickens County, South Carolina I94764 Virts 
20 Fletcher, Elijah Baines  6 Oct 1854Pickens County, South Carolina I94087 Virts 
21 Fletcher, Luther Franklin  4 Feb 1919Pickens County, South Carolina I94093 Virts 
22 Foster, Zilla  1828Pickens County, South Carolina I94196 Virts 
23 Graveley, Clovie  2 Mar 1919Pickens County, South Carolina I94652 Virts 
24 Greene, Pearl Frances  16 Mar 1926Pickens County, South Carolina I93861 Virts 
25 Hinton, Annie Mae  23 Apr 1901Pickens County, South Carolina I94607 Virts 
26 Irwin, Nellie  1885Pickens County, South Carolina I93859 Virts 
27 Kelly  11 Aug 1945Pickens County, South Carolina I93862 Virts 
28 Kelly, Betty  26 Apr 1891Pickens County, South Carolina I93877 Virts 
29 Kelly, Corrie Denna  12 Sep 1894Pickens County, South Carolina I93895 Virts 
30 Kelly, John Luther  26 May 1878Pickens County, South Carolina I93857 Virts 
31 Kelly, Nettie  23 Jun 1885Pickens County, South Carolina I93872 Virts 
32 Kelly, Prue Desha  5 Jul 1904Pickens County, South Carolina I93860 Virts 
33 Madden, Vashti Annie  20 Aug 1871Pickens County, South Carolina I93858 Virts 
34 Mull, Annie Rubie  9 Aug 1919Pickens County, South Carolina I105940 Virts 
35 Mullinax, Georgie Anne  18 Feb 1860Pickens County, South Carolina I94264 Virts 
36 Mullinnex, Crayton Garvin  8 Apr 1885Pickens County, South Carolina I94666 Virts 
37 Mullinnex, James Addison  13 Jan 1859Pickens County, South Carolina I94665 Virts 
38 Mullinnex, Ollie Mae  Dec 1892Pickens County, South Carolina I94715 Virts 
39 Norris, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1879Pickens County, South Carolina I94277 Virts 
40 O'Dell, Clarence Lafayette  19 Nov 1896Pickens County, South Carolina I93896 Virts 
41 Reynolds, Mary Lucretia  4 Apr 1929Pickens County, South Carolina I94050 Virts 
42 Reynolds, Thomas Albert  28 Aug 1881Pickens County, South Carolina I94049 Virts 
43 Sheriff, Amanda Louise  1862Pickens County, South Carolina I94086 Virts 
44 Sheriff, Annett  1832Pickens County, South Carolina I94195 Virts 
45 Sheriff, Arthur E.  18 Apr 1897Pickens County, South Carolina I94212 Virts 
46 Sheriff, Bluford James  20 Jun 1860Pickens County, South Carolina I94263 Virts 
47 Sheriff, Elbert Truman  22 Apr 1903Pickens County, South Carolina I94648 Virts 
48 Sheriff, Elias Emory  23 Jan 1864Pickens County, South Carolina I94128 Virts 
49 Sheriff, Fair Posey  12 Sep 1834Pickens County, South Carolina I94261 Virts 
50 Sheriff, Gibbs Sisroe  23 Jan 1864Pickens County, South Carolina I94106 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Susan Florence  1 Dec 1972Pickens County, South Carolina I94070 Virts 
2 Bryant, William Roy  2 Dec 1915Pickens County, South Carolina I93902 Virts 
3 Chappell, Margie  1 Jan 2010Pickens County, South Carolina I105962 Virts 
4 Entrekin, Nancy Elizabeth  27 Jul 1930Pickens County, South Carolina I93901 Virts 
5 Fletcher, Elijah Baines  20 Jan 1941Pickens County, South Carolina I94087 Virts 
6 Foster, Betty Ruth  9 Nov 1985Pickens County, South Carolina I94146 Virts 
7 Gambrell, Sarah E.  10 Jan 1912Pickens County, South Carolina I93851 Virts 
8 Irwin, Nellie  1972Pickens County, South Carolina I93859 Virts 
9 Kelly  11 Aug 1945Pickens County, South Carolina I93862 Virts 
10 Kelly, Ben Perry  23 Sep 1932Pickens County, South Carolina I93854 Virts 
11 Kelly, Corrie Denna  31 Aug 1993Pickens County, South Carolina I93895 Virts 
12 Kelly, Nettie  27 May 1969Pickens County, South Carolina I93872 Virts 
13 Kelly, Prue Desha  31 Dec 1989Pickens County, South Carolina I93860 Virts 
14 Madden, Vashti Annie  25 Aug 1928Pickens County, South Carolina I93858 Virts 
15 Maddox, Jessie Lee  26 Aug 1975Pickens County, South Carolina I94683 Virts 
16 Mullinax, Donald  Jun 1976Pickens County, South Carolina I94714 Virts 
17 Mullinax, Elizabeth Ann  20 Sep 2009Pickens County, South Carolina I94707 Virts 
18 Mullinax, Georgie Anne  4 Mar 1929Pickens County, South Carolina I94264 Virts 
19 Reynolds, Mary Lucretia  20 Jul 1929Pickens County, South Carolina I94050 Virts 
20 Sheriff, Amanda Louise  27 Mar 1934Pickens County, South Carolina I94086 Virts 
21 Sheriff, Fair Posey  17 Jul 1913Pickens County, South Carolina I94261 Virts 
22 Sheriff, George Washington  23 Jul 1868Pickens County, South Carolina I93842 Virts 
23 Sheriff, Jessie Mae  19 Mar 1981Pickens County, South Carolina I94118 Virts 
24 Sheriff, Matilda Caroline  27 Jun 1931Pickens County, South Carolina I93853 Virts 
25 Sheriff, Nathan  24 Feb 1881Pickens County, South Carolina I93847 Virts 
26 Sheriff, Silas Cyrus  17 Oct 1939Pickens County, South Carolina I94108 Virts 
27 Sheriff, Thomas G.  20 Sep 1896Pickens County, South Carolina I93940 Virts 
28 Stegall, Fannie  14 May 1956Pickens County, South Carolina I94605 Virts 
29 Underwood, Matilda  1833Pickens County, South Carolina I93841 Virts 
30 Whiten, Thomas Terrell  14 Feb 1979Pickens County, South Carolina I94716 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Sheriff / Hinton  18 May 1918Pickens County, South Carolina F38366 Virts