Montgomery County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albert, Lester Lankford  4 Dec 1883Montgomery County, Virginia I35731 Virts 
2 Bradford, Martha Ann  17 May 1853Montgomery County, Virginia I3070 Virts 
3 Deweese, Patterson  11 Apr 1828Montgomery County, Virginia I14896 Virts 
4 Graham, Beryl Louise  3 Jan 1917Montgomery County, Virginia I18362 Virts 
5 Gray, John William  13 Mar 1810Montgomery County, Virginia I15069 Virts 
6 Hall, Hampton Asa  15 Apr 1903Montgomery County, Virginia I70126 Virts 
7 Hedge, Joy  22 Jul 1940Montgomery County, Virginia I97402 Virts 
8 Hudgins, McManaway  5 Jan 1878Montgomery County, Virginia I61268 Virts 
9 Johnston, Homer Franklin  11 Nov 1913Montgomery County, Virginia I97835 Virts 
10 Martin, Josephine Leslie  15 Nov 1909Montgomery County, Virginia I97812 Virts 
11 McCoy, Sarah S.  7 Jan 1865Montgomery County, Virginia I43386 Virts 
12 Medley, Theodosia Ann  6 Apr 1859Montgomery County, Virginia I35528 Virts 
13 Riffe, William Cockett  15 May 1826Montgomery County, Virginia I15190 Virts 
14 Schaeffer, Catherine Margaret  21 Jun 1848Montgomery County, Virginia I35712 Virts 
15 Schaeffer, Charles W.  Nov 1847Montgomery County, Virginia I35711 Virts 
16 Schaeffer, Elizabeth Ann  10 May 1854Montgomery County, Virginia I61617 Virts 
17 Schaeffer, Mary J.  Dec 1856Montgomery County, Virginia I35714 Virts 
18 Schaeffer, Sarah Ella  2 Aug 1851Montgomery County, Virginia I35713 Virts 
19 Schaeffer, Thomas Franklin  22 Feb 1862Montgomery County, Virginia I35715 Virts 
20 Shoemaker, James W.  18 Dec 1868Montgomery County, Virginia I48047 Virts 
21 Smith, Hattie  3 Mar 1896Montgomery County, Virginia I6748 Virts 
22 Stone, Frank Taylor Sr.  21 Oct 1870Montgomery County, Virginia I3586 Virts 
23 Sypole, Elizabeth  1820Montgomery County, Virginia I35709 Virts 
24 Wells, Hobart  2 Oct 1899Montgomery County, Virginia I8578 Virts 
25 Wells, Matha Adren  13 Jul 1913Montgomery County, Virginia I13178 Virts 
26 Williams, Maggie T.  21 Jul 1881Montgomery County, Virginia I8251 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Martin, Anna Laura  22 Jun 1920Montgomery County, Virginia I35717 Virts 
2 Schaeffer, Catherine Margaret  22 May 1923Montgomery County, Virginia I35712 Virts 
3 Schaeffer, Mary J.  11 Apr 1931Montgomery County, Virginia I35714 Virts 
4 Schaeffer, Sarah Ella  20 Jul 1938Montgomery County, Virginia I35713 Virts 
5 Wertz, Ora Pearl  31 Aug 1990Montgomery County, Virginia I23087 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Schaeffer, Catherine Margaret  Montgomery County, Virginia I35712 Virts 
2 Schaeffer, Elizabeth Ann  Montgomery County, Virginia I61617 Virts 
3 Schaeffer, Mary J.  Montgomery County, Virginia I35714 Virts 
4 Schaeffer, Sarah Ella  Montgomery County, Virginia I35713 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Albert / Shaver  9 Jan 1965Montgomery County, Virginia F24524 Virts 
2 Beckner / Smith  8 Aug 1917Montgomery County, Virginia F2857 Virts 
3 Carper / McCoy  11 Dec 1900Montgomery County, Virginia F17205 Virts 
4 Carper / McCoy  3 Jul 1930Montgomery County, Virginia F28542 Virts 
5 Giles / Carper  27 Nov 1872Montgomery County, Virginia F28414 Virts 
6 Lawrence / Price  27 Dec 1926Montgomery County, Virginia F10598 Virts 
7 Prouty / Schaeffer  17 Jun 1944Montgomery County, Virginia F14281 Virts 
8 Schaeffer / Hurd  23 May 1921Montgomery County, Virginia F14280 Virts 
9 Schaeffer / Ledgerwood  18 Jan 1871Montgomery County, Virginia F14279 Virts 
10 Schaeffer / Sypole  23 Nov 1841Montgomery County, Virginia F14277 Virts 
11 Weddle / McCoy  21 Dec 1916Montgomery County, Virginia F17206 Virts 
12 Wertz / Poff  11 Jun 1969Montgomery County, Virginia F24399 Virts