Kingston, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beam, Elizabeth  25 Mar 1729Kingston, New York I104927 Virts 
2 Bevier, Elizabeth  6 Jun 1749Kingston, New York I92495 Virts 
3 Bruyn, Catharine  5 Jul 1720Kingston, New York I92487 Virts 
4 DeLange, Janetje  1712Kingston, New York I91935 Virts 
5 Deyo, Charles David  12 Mar 1877Kingston, New York I95419 Virts 
6 Deyo, Christian  17 Apr 1681Kingston, New York I41382 Virts 
7 Deyo, Margaret  1662Kingston, New York I91917 Virts 
8 Deyo, Rebecca  16 Apr 1758Kingston, New York I104928 Virts 
9 Deyo, Simon  1743Kingston, New York I91100 Virts 
10 Deyo, Wyntie  24 Jan 1708Kingston, New York I92714 Virts 
11 DuBois, Catharine  19 Dec 1783Kingston, New York I92724 Virts 
12 Fierer, Margret  1721Kingston, New York I53815 Virts 
13 Freer, Rev. Harris A.  1858Kingston, New York I91851 Virts 
14 Harp, Wendell D.  26 Aug 1941Kingston, New York I94822 Virts 
15 Hasbrouck, Abraham Bruyn  29 Nov 1791Kingston, New York I92659 Virts 
16 Hasbrouck, Charles Jackson  16 Jun 1952Kingston, New York I91530 Virts 
17 Hasbrouck, Daniel  8 Mar 1760Kingston, New York I92650 Virts 
18 Hasbrouck, David H.  24 May 1740Kingston, New York I92718 Virts 
19 Hasbrouck, Jacob  5 May 1717Kingston, New York I92685 Virts 
20 Hasbrouck, Jacobus  1 Jan 1727Kingston, New York I92709 Virts 
21 Hasbrouck, Jonathan  12 Apr 1722Kingston, New York I92699 Virts 
22 Hasbrouck, Joseph L.  3 Mar 1743Kingston, New York I92494 Virts 
23 Hasbrouck, Oscar  21 Nov 1882Kingston, New York I92565 Virts 
24 Hasbrouck, Petronella  25 Dec 1710Kingston, New York I92681 Virts 
25 Hasbrouck, Sarah  21 Feb 1709Kingston, New York I92679 Virts 
26 Hasbrouck, Sarah Morris  1823Kingston, New York I92666 Virts 
27 Hommel, Anna Margaretha  5 Apr 1724Kingston, New York I53824 Virts 
28 Hommel, Catrina  30 Dec 1711Kingston, New York I53813 Virts 
29 Hommel, Johannes  1714Kingston, New York I41398 Virts 
30 Hommel, Wilhelmus  15 Oct 1721Kingston, New York I53823 Virts 
31 Oosterhoudt, William  28 Jan 1703Kingston, New York I92680 Virts 
32 Schoonmaker, Charlotte  2 Dec 1922Kingston, New York I53478 Virts 
33 Sutherland, Dale William  14 Apr 1906Kingston, New York I94813 Virts 
34 Van Wagenen, Divertje  6 Feb 1732Kingston, New York I92710 Virts 
35 Van Wagenen, Sara Jacobsz Aertsen  1 Dec 1701Kingston, New York I92708 Virts 
36 VanBommel, Margaret  23 Apr 1693Kingston, New York I41391 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 DeLange, Janetje  27 Feb 1715Kingston, New York I91935 Virts 
2 Deyo, Isaac  27 Mar 1723Kingston, New York I91903 Virts 
3 Deyo, Simon  13 Feb 1743Kingston, New York I91100 Virts 
4 Hommel, Johannes  18 Jul 1714Kingston, New York I41398 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bruyn, Catharine  10 Aug 1793Kingston, New York I92487 Virts 
2 Deyo, Abram A.  26 Jun 1955Kingston, New York I95471 Virts 
3 Deyo, Charles David  29 Dec 1942Kingston, New York I95419 Virts 
4 Deyo, Dr. Charles Wesley  31 Aug 1896Kingston, New York I95409 Virts 
5 Deyo, Clinton  14 Apr 1900Kingston, New York I95336 Virts 
6 Deyo, Cornelia DuBois  7 Jan 1937Kingston, New York I91181 Virts 
7 Deyo, Eliza  6 Apr 1899Kingston, New York I95332 Virts 
8 Deyo, Elizabeth  8 Jun 1962Kingston, New York I91149 Virts 
9 Deyo, Jennie  19 Jul 1961Kingston, New York I95405 Virts 
10 Deyo, Jesse  26 Jul 1962Kingston, New York I94879 Virts 
11 Deyo, John J.  6 Oct 1971Kingston, New York I91186 Virts 
12 Deyo, Maurice  22 Jan 1921Kingston, New York I95418 Virts 
13 Deyo, Rebecca  8 Nov 1831Kingston, New York I104928 Virts 
14 DuBois, Margaret Dorothy  28 Jul 1986Kingston, New York I91187 Virts 
15 DuBois, Philip H.  15 Sep 1942Kingston, New York I91474 Virts 
16 Harp, Marion Borden  18 Jun 1997Kingston, New York I94913 Virts 
17 Hasbrouck, Abraham  10 Nov 1791Kingston, New York I92486 Virts 
18 Hasbrouck, Abraham Bruyn  24 Feb 1879Kingston, New York I92659 Virts 
19 Hasbrouck, Petronella  1774Kingston, New York I92681 Virts 
20 Hasbrouck, Sarah  24 Jan 1780Kingston, New York I92679 Virts 
21 Hasbrouck, Sarah M.  1 Feb 1916Kingston, New York I104809 Virts 
22 Hommel, John Arthur  10 Sep 1932Kingston, New York I20054 Virts 
23 Hommel, Mildred Catherine  17 Jan 1993Kingston, New York I20096 Virts 
24 LeFevre, Elizabeth Kidd  30 Jul 1962Kingston, New York I104886 Virts 
25 LeFevre, Helena  28 Jun 1965Kingston, New York I91541 Virts 
26 Lorenzen, Mary C.  19 Mar 1962Kingston, New York I94899 Virts 
27 Lounsbury, Elsie  18 Mar 1957Kingston, New York I95342 Virts 
28 Minard, Perry  1 Dec 1961Kingston, New York I94848 Virts 
29 Oosterhoudt, William  18 Apr 1772Kingston, New York I92680 Virts 
30 Ransom, Nora S.  30 Nov 1994Kingston, New York I53642 Virts 
31 Rosenkranse, Annie  19 Jan 1966Kingston, New York I94872 Virts 
32 Schneider, Johann Wilhelm  1728Kingston, New York I53810 Virts 
33 Schoonmaker, Archie C.  27 Nov 1944Kingston, New York I53476 Virts 
34 Schultz, John L.  7 Mar 1921Kingston, New York I104857 Virts 
35 Wurts, Cornelia  29 May 1927Kingston, New York I95412 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Auchmoody / Deyo  8 Oct 1731Kingston, New York F39183 Virts 
2 Deyo / Clearwater  23 Nov 1702Kingston, New York F36915 Virts 
3 Deyo / LeFevre  26 Oct 1764Kingston, New York F36925 Virts 
4 Deyo / Van Vliet  31 Dec 1715Kingston, New York F37240 Virts 
5 Deyo / VanBommel  31 Dec 1715Kingston, New York F16418 Virts 
6 Deyo / VanVliet  10 Nov 1751Kingston, New York F38519 Virts 
7 LeFevre / Laidlaw  10 Apr 1943Kingston, New York F37094 Virts 
8 Oosterhoudt / Hasbrouck  27 Oct 1737Kingston, New York F37570 Virts