Kemper County, Mississippi



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beatrice M.  16 Apr 1913Kemper County, Mississippi I40097 Virts 
2 Cullum, Cornelia Pearl  7 Nov 1881Kemper County, Mississippi I40090 Virts 
3 Gewin, Thomas E.  22 Oct 1870Kemper County, Mississippi I40104 Virts 
4 Kelly  21 Dec 1924Kemper County, Mississippi I40142 Virts 
5 Key, Abel Mastin Jr.  15 Sep 1846Kemper County, Mississippi I40101 Virts 
6 Key, Albert R.  Mar 1880Kemper County, Mississippi I40048 Virts 
7 Key, Annie Bertha  22 Jan 1890Kemper County, Mississippi I40099 Virts 
8 Key, Arch Tartt  20 May 1906Kemper County, Mississippi I40094 Virts 
9 Key, Atlas Franklin  8 Oct 1880Kemper County, Mississippi I40107 Virts 
10 Key, Blanche  2 Jul 1893Kemper County, Mississippi I40109 Virts 
11 Key, Boleyn Eugene  14 Nov 1901Kemper County, Mississippi I40066 Virts 
12 Key, Cornelius Lafayette  22 Aug 1870Kemper County, Mississippi I40064 Virts 
13 Key, George S.  Nov 1873Kemper County, Mississippi I40036 Virts 
14 Key, George Washington  3 Jan 1853Kemper County, Mississippi I40134 Virts 
15 Key, Iowa Willamett  29 Jul 1886Kemper County, Mississippi I40108 Virts 
16 Key, Isabel Eugenia  16 Apr 1857Kemper County, Mississippi I40164 Virts 
17 Key, Isabelle E.  28 Sep 1867Kemper County, Mississippi I40035 Virts 
18 Key, Isabelle Eugenia  27 Jun 1872Kemper County, Mississippi I40103 Virts 
19 Key, James Albert  15 Aug 1878Kemper County, Mississippi I40105 Virts 
20 Key, James Robert  14 Oct 1844Kemper County, Mississippi I40054 Virts 
21 Key, John Martin  4 Jun 1839Kemper County, Mississippi I40032 Virts 
22 Key, John Morrison  9 Nov 1866Kemper County, Mississippi I40056 Virts 
23 Key, Julia  19 Nov 1848Kemper County, Mississippi I40110 Virts 
24 Key, Maggie J.  15 Jan 1887Kemper County, Mississippi I40098 Virts 
25 Key, Margaret  1883Kemper County, Mississippi I40095 Virts 
26 Key, Mary Gill  7 Mar 1872Kemper County, Mississippi I40087 Virts 
27 Key, Minnie M.  22 Sep 1878Kemper County, Mississippi I40091 Virts 
28 Key, Rufus Franklin  3 Sep 1884Kemper County, Mississippi I40096 Virts 
29 Key, Ruth Elaine  10 Jun 1912Kemper County, Mississippi I40084 Virts 
30 Key, Stanley Webster  28 Nov 1850Kemper County, Mississippi I40123 Virts 
31 Key, Virginia Elizabeth  21 Oct 1868Kemper County, Mississippi I40060 Virts 
32 Key, William Warren  22 Jan 1837Kemper County, Mississippi I40030 Virts 
33 Key, William Warren  12 Nov 1876Kemper County, Mississippi I40089 Virts 
34 Rush, William Vaughn  28 Mar 1847Kemper County, Mississippi I40111 Virts 
35 Sadler, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1836Kemper County, Mississippi I39871 Virts 
36 Stephens, Erma Tom  24 Aug 1894Kemper County, Mississippi I40067 Virts 
37 Warren, James Augustus  27 Aug 1837Kemper County, Mississippi I39870 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beatrice M.  20 Sep 1916Kemper County, Mississippi I40097 Virts 
2 Clark, Susan Anastasia  31 Oct 1936Kemper County, Mississippi I40124 Virts 
3 Cullum, Cornelia Pearl  6 Dec 1972Kemper County, Mississippi I40090 Virts 
4 Gewin, Thomas E.  28 Oct 1924Kemper County, Mississippi I40104 Virts 
5 Gill, Margaret Jane  29 May 1913Kemper County, Mississippi I40055 Virts 
6 Grace, Eliza Jane  25 Aug 1884Kemper County, Mississippi I40031 Virts 
7 Hall, Iow Martha  24 May 1911Kemper County, Mississippi I40102 Virts 
8 Kelly  21 Dec 1924Kemper County, Mississippi I40142 Virts 
9 Key, Abel Mastin  7 May 1871Kemper County, Mississippi I40029 Virts 
10 Key, Abel Mastin Jr.  28 Jan 1917Kemper County, Mississippi I40101 Virts 
11 Key, Albert R.  26 May 1880Kemper County, Mississippi I40048 Virts 
12 Key, Arch Tartt  21 May 1906Kemper County, Mississippi I40094 Virts 
13 Key, Atlas Franklin  19 Mar 1881Kemper County, Mississippi I40107 Virts 
14 Key, Blanche  22 Jul 1893Kemper County, Mississippi I40109 Virts 
15 Key, Cornelius Lafayette  22 Jan 1940Kemper County, Mississippi I40064 Virts 
16 Key, George S.  10 Apr 1874Kemper County, Mississippi I40036 Virts 
17 Key, George Washington  27 Oct 1858Kemper County, Mississippi I40134 Virts 
18 Key, Iowa Willamett  28 Jul 1887Kemper County, Mississippi I40108 Virts 
19 Key, Isabel Eugenia  26 Sep 1858Kemper County, Mississippi I40164 Virts 
20 Key, Isabelle E.  27 Oct 1867Kemper County, Mississippi I40035 Virts 
21 Key, Isabelle Eugenia  19 May 1958Kemper County, Mississippi I40103 Virts 
22 Key, James Albert  1939Kemper County, Mississippi I40105 Virts 
23 Key, James Robert  14 Oct 1910Kemper County, Mississippi I40054 Virts 
24 Key, John Morrison  9 Jan 1949Kemper County, Mississippi I40056 Virts 
25 Key, Maggie J.  2 Feb 1889Kemper County, Mississippi I40098 Virts 
26 Key, Margaret  1885Kemper County, Mississippi I40095 Virts 
27 Key, Margaret Iowa  11 Oct 1993Kemper County, Mississippi I40082 Virts 
28 Key, Mary Gill  1910Kemper County, Mississippi I40087 Virts 
29 Key, Minnie M.  10 Feb 1881Kemper County, Mississippi I40091 Virts 
30 Key, Rufus Franklin  20 Jul 1937Kemper County, Mississippi I40096 Virts 
31 Key, Stanley Webster  12 Sep 1889Kemper County, Mississippi I40123 Virts 
32 Key, Virginia Elizabeth  Aug 1932Kemper County, Mississippi I40060 Virts 
33 Key, William Warren  9 Jan 1904Kemper County, Mississippi I40030 Virts 
34 Key, William Warren  1 Mar 1934Kemper County, Mississippi I40089 Virts 
35 McWilliams, Mattie Bell  19 Jan 1946Kemper County, Mississippi I40065 Virts 
36 Stephens, Erma Tom  31 May 1972Kemper County, Mississippi I40067 Virts 
37 Warren, Elizabeth Chambers  18 Sep 1898Kemper County, Mississippi I40028 Virts 
38 Warren, Fannie  12 Aug 1935Kemper County, Mississippi I40057 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Creekmore, Annie Myrtle  Kemper County, Mississippi I40130 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Warren / Gully  Kemper County, Mississippi F16007 Virts