Hagan, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Engle, John Ewell  14 Aug 1883Hagan, Virginia I84792 Virts 
2 Gregory, Dudley O.  1 Nov 1903Hagan, Virginia I84719 Virts 
3 Gregory, Ernest S.  12 Feb 1882Hagan, Virginia I84710 Virts 
4 Gregory, Kila  13 May 1912Hagan, Virginia I84712 Virts 
5 Gregory, Morton J.  28 Oct 1911Hagan, Virginia I84722 Virts 
6 Gregory, Noel Melvin  3 Jul 1902Hagan, Virginia I84717 Virts 
7 Mullins, Charles Noel  8 Oct 1913Hagan, Virginia I72664 Virts 
8 Mullins, Clarence Hubert  21 Aug 1901Hagan, Virginia I72641 Virts 
9 Mullins, Ernest Maunel  14 Jun 1900Hagan, Virginia I72640 Virts 
10 Mullins, Jasper Lester  1 Mar 1905Hagan, Virginia I72645 Virts 
11 Mullins, Lillie Mae  20 Apr 1911Hagan, Virginia I72654 Virts 
12 Mullins, Martha Elizabeth  21 Sep 1898Hagan, Virginia I72639 Virts 
13 Mullins, Mary Catherine  21 Sep 1898Hagan, Virginia I72628 Virts 
14 Mullins, Melvin Ross  13 Apr 1903Hagan, Virginia I72642 Virts 
15 Mullins, Owen Earl  6 Sep 1916Hagan, Virginia I72674 Virts 
16 Mullins, Sherman Patton  15 Nov 1906Hagan, Virginia I72646 Virts 
17 Mullins, Vergie Ethel  6 Mar 1909Hagan, Virginia I72652 Virts 
18 Mullins, William Patterson  14 Jan 1874Hagan, Virginia I72624 Virts 
19 Speak, Nellie Florence  4 Apr 1891Hagan, Virginia I72617 Virts 
20 Speaks, Eugene  19 May 1919Hagan, Virginia I72591 Virts 
21 Speaks, Grace Allie  19 Mar 1904Hagan, Virginia I72573 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mullins, Clarence Hubert  12 Oct 1905Hagan, Virginia I72641 Virts 
2 Mullins, Ernest Maunel  5 Aug 1900Hagan, Virginia I72640 Virts 
3 Mullins, Jasper Lester  10 Oct 1905Hagan, Virginia I72645 Virts 
4 Mullins, Martha Elizabeth  21 Sep 1898Hagan, Virginia I72639 Virts 
5 Speak, Dora Lee  18 Feb 1954Hagan, Virginia I72623 Virts 
6 Speak, William Milton  24 Apr 1917Hagan, Virginia I72554 Virts