Guyan Township, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barry, Clovis  17 Sep 1902Guyan Township, Ohio I59027 Virts 
2 Barry, Ethel R.  22 Jan 1905Guyan Township, Ohio I59205 Virts 
3 Barry, Olif B.  15 Mar 1907Guyan Township, Ohio I59206 Virts 
4 Barry, Oliver  28 Apr 1898Guyan Township, Ohio I59203 Virts 
5 Barry, Oran Cleophus  26 Jan 1918Guyan Township, Ohio I59201 Virts 
6 Berry, James Orlyn  10 Mar 1926Guyan Township, Ohio I59008 Virts 
7 Harrison, Leonard L.  15 Mar 1886Guyan Township, Ohio I59421 Virts 
8 Johnson, Grace Ethyl  23 Sep 1897Guyan Township, Ohio I59250 Virts 
9 Moore  3 Feb 1882Guyan Township, Ohio I59379 Virts 
10 Moore, Abner Rapp  10 Mar 1878Guyan Township, Ohio I59386 Virts 
11 Moore, Floyd D.  20 Aug 1899Guyan Township, Ohio I58884 Virts 
12 Moore, Howard Franklin  19 Jun 1902Guyan Township, Ohio I59249 Virts 
13 Moore, Jennie  15 Jun 1888Guyan Township, Ohio I59376 Virts 
14 Moore, John B.  19 Dec 1879Guyan Township, Ohio I59378 Virts 
15 Moore, John Lafayette  31 Dec 1897Guyan Township, Ohio I58910 Virts 
16 Moore, Leona Laverna  29 Dec 1902Guyan Township, Ohio I58927 Virts 
17 Moore, Loma Lalleda  16 Nov 1916Guyan Township, Ohio I59192 Virts 
18 Moore, Ruth  5 Jul 1885Guyan Township, Ohio I59374 Virts 
19 Moore, Sarah J.  15 Jun 1888Guyan Township, Ohio I59375 Virts 
20 Moore, Seldon Lafayette  19 Apr 1891Guyan Township, Ohio I59179 Virts 
21 Moore, Simeon D.  20 Nov 1882Guyan Township, Ohio I59380 Virts 
22 Moore, William Earl  29 Jul 1896Guyan Township, Ohio I59238 Virts 
23 Moore, Wilma  12 Sep 1896Guyan Township, Ohio I58909 Virts 
24 Rose, Opal  4 Jan 1910Guyan Township, Ohio I59164 Virts 
25 Swords, Aaron Jackson  17 Dec 1910Guyan Township, Ohio I15794 Virts 
26 Watson, Phoebe Louisa  15 May 1873Guyan Township, Ohio I58905 Virts 
27 Williams, Jessie O.  1 Dec 1904Guyan Township, Ohio I58911 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harrison, Albert Thomas  7 Feb 1919Guyan Township, Ohio I59419 Virts 
2 Moore, Dighton  3 Jul 1876Guyan Township, Ohio I58871 Virts 
3 Moore, Lafayette  4 Jan 1914Guyan Township, Ohio I58902 Virts 
4 Moore, Oscal H.  22 Apr 1907Guyan Township, Ohio I58906 Virts 
5 Moore, Ruth  23 Mar 1917Guyan Township, Ohio I59401 Virts