Fairfax County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Pauline E.  1906Fairfax County, Virginia I42689 Virts 
2 Broaddus, Elsie Virginia  28 Jun 1927Fairfax County, Virginia I23571 Virts 
3 Carter, Alice V.  1858Fairfax County, Virginia I26190 Virts 
4 Clarke, Marie  5 Aug 1909Fairfax County, Virginia I35841 Virts 
5 Cole, Ernest Clayton  8 Dec 1948Fairfax County, Virginia I103126 Virts 
6 Cole, Robert Douglas  9 Feb 1953Fairfax County, Virginia I103128 Virts 
7 Cooper, Lulu Elizabeth  Jan 1888Fairfax County, Virginia I37921 Virts 
8 Cooper, Thomas Albert  12 May 1888Fairfax County, Virginia I37917 Virts 
9 Darr, Cornelia Rebecca  Mar 1881Fairfax County, Virginia I84859 Virts 
10 Demory, Elmer M.  13 Sep 1912Fairfax County, Virginia I13972 Virts 
11 Demory, James Williard  24 Jul 1917Fairfax County, Virginia I13923 Virts 
12 Demory, Kenyon Lee  21 Jul 1920Fairfax County, Virginia I13976 Virts 
13 Demory, Nellie May  28 Apr 1914Fairfax County, Virginia I13973 Virts 
14 Demory, Ralph Edwin  18 Nov 1917Fairfax County, Virginia I13974 Virts 
15 Dulin, Margaret  4 Jan 1882Fairfax County, Virginia I43137 Virts 
16 Follin, Benjamin F.  Jun 1866Fairfax County, Virginia I36500 Virts 
17 Gheen, Martha Jane  17 Apr 1846Fairfax County, Virginia I72954 Virts 
18 Hunt, Florence L.  30 Nov 1887Fairfax County, Virginia I35821 Virts 
19 Hunt, Hettie May  9 Sep 1875Fairfax County, Virginia I1411 Virts 
20 Hunt, Lula A.  18 Jan 1890Fairfax County, Virginia I35823 Virts 
21 Hunt, Robert Edward Lee  9 Jul 1900Fairfax County, Virginia I36477 Virts 
22 Jenkins, Samuel Lee Sr.  25 Apr 1919Fairfax County, Virginia I21080 Virts 
23 Johnson, Leona Grace  13 Aug 1869Fairfax County, Virginia I60477 Virts 
24 Jones, Henry  1815Fairfax County, Virginia I54322 Virts 
25 Kidwell, Hillery Elton  4 Jul 1889Fairfax County, Virginia I1414 Virts 
26 Kidwell, James E.  1 Apr 1841Fairfax County, Virginia I91014 Virts 
27 Leigh, Harry Vernon  21 Feb 1880Fairfax County, Virginia I60454 Virts 
28 Ramsburg, Elnora Annette  14 Feb 1919Fairfax County, Virginia I84873 Virts 
29 Ramsburg, Inez Rebecca  24 Nov 1917Fairfax County, Virginia I84872 Virts 
30 Ramsburg, Lucy B.  28 Nov 1913Fairfax County, Virginia I84870 Virts 
31 Robey, Hermie Frances  9 Feb 1922Fairfax County, Virginia I66648 Virts 
32 Smith, Annie Elizabeth  31 Oct 1845Fairfax County, Virginia I60458 Virts 
33 Speakes, Beulah Irene  1924Fairfax County, Virginia I73046 Virts 
34 Speakes, Leonard M.  8 Jun 1912Fairfax County, Virginia I73039 Virts 
35 Thompson, Margaret M.  1875Fairfax County, Virginia I34571 Virts 
36 Thomspon, Ella Virginia  16 Sep 1860Fairfax County, Virginia I35825 Virts 
37 Virts  20 Mar 1913Fairfax County, Virginia I1413 Virts 
38 Virts, Effie Virginia  17 Mar 1911Fairfax County, Virginia I12665 Virts 
39 Virts, Esther Lee  1 Jan 1901Fairfax County, Virginia I1394 Virts 
40 Virts, Gloria Ann  27 Sep 1929Fairfax County, Virginia I12663 Virts 
41 Virts, Harold Lewis  10 Nov 1930Fairfax County, Virginia I12664 Virts 
42 Virts, Jennie Edith  14 Dec 1894Fairfax County, Virginia I1415 Virts 
43 Virts, Pearl Elizabeth  18 Mar 1898Fairfax County, Virginia I14151 Virts 
44 Wynkoop, Octavia  5 Nov 1826Fairfax County, Virginia I54207 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Russell Lawrence  1 Jan 2002Fairfax County, Virginia I91079 Virts 
2 Bowman, Mabel Lucille  10 Nov 1999Fairfax County, Virginia I103421 Virts 
3 Carter, Gary Lee  17 Mar 2004Fairfax County, Virginia I60030 Virts 
4 Cole, Ernest Clayton  11 May 2002Fairfax County, Virginia I103126 Virts 
5 Cole, William Harvey Arthur  13 Jul 1988Fairfax County, Virginia I103112 Virts 
6 Cooper, Frances A.  21 Dec 1988Fairfax County, Virginia I38031 Virts 
7 Darnes, Horace Edward  25 Jan 2010Fairfax County, Virginia I72984 Virts 
8 Darr, James W.  12 Jul 1912Fairfax County, Virginia I84856 Virts 
9 Edwards, John Leonard  16 Jul 1991Fairfax County, Virginia I103092 Virts 
10 Elliot, Viola Ernetine  28 Dec 2000Fairfax County, Virginia I39074 Virts 
11 Hackley, Chloe Ella  30 Jan 1941Fairfax County, Virginia I42117 Virts 
12 Hackley, Veva  Sep 1991Fairfax County, Virginia I21868 Virts 
13 Hamilton, Michael Pershing  11 Aug 2005Fairfax County, Virginia I34578 Virts 
14 Hatton, Mary Elizabeth  7 May 1994Fairfax County, Virginia I102958 Virts 
15 Herring, William Allin  5 Sep 1988Fairfax County, Virginia I31207 Virts 
16 Holsinger, Leafy V.  31 Mar 1936Fairfax County, Virginia I73105 Virts 
17 Leigh, Alfred Sr.  17 Mar 1899Fairfax County, Virginia I60459 Virts 
18 Lynn, Flora May  11 Dec 1923Fairfax County, Virginia I35817 Virts 
19 McDaniel, Archie Mason  26 Jan 1945Fairfax County, Virginia I31293 Virts 
20 Myers, Charles William  30 May 1905Fairfax County, Virginia I758 Virts 
21 Plaugher, Richard Stanley Sr.  19 Jul 2004Fairfax County, Virginia I66649 Virts 
22 Pomeroy, Theodore Spencer  5 Feb 1991Fairfax County, Virginia I21295 Virts 
23 Smith, Maurice Poole  24 Sep 1968Fairfax County, Virginia I14152 Virts 
24 Starkey, Mary Gertrude  19 Mar 1951Fairfax County, Virginia I18464 Virts 
25 Virts  21 Mar 1913Fairfax County, Virginia I1413 Virts 
26 Virts, Pearl Elizabeth  9 Oct 1993Fairfax County, Virginia I14151 Virts 
27 Williams, Asa Moore  10 Feb 1993Fairfax County, Virginia I103144 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lynn  Fairfax County, Virginia I56202 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jenkins / Hackley  2 Feb 1946Fairfax County, Virginia F7422 Virts 
2 Kidwell / Virts  4 Sep 1914Fairfax County, Virginia F758 Virts 
3 Lowe / Virts  18 Dec 1926Fairfax County, Virginia F751 Virts 
4 Lynn / Boyce  9 Oct 1888Fairfax County, Virginia F14582 Virts 
5 Mason / Kidwell  2 Aug 1952Fairfax County, Virginia F27900 Virts 
6 Mason / Shaffer  8 May 1954Fairfax County, Virginia F27899 Virts 
7 Tompkins / Williams  28 Nov 1970Fairfax County, Virginia F43280 Virts 
8 Virts / Hunt  25 Oct 1893Fairfax County, Virginia F294 Virts 
9 Wood / Ball  29 Aug 1924Fairfax County, Virginia F24207 Virts 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Hilton / Shelton  2 Dec 1970Fairfax County, Virginia F44403 Virts