Culpeper County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christine  Abt 1917Culpeper County, Virginia I107517 Virts 
2 Broaddus, Thomas Hume  1 Oct 1909Culpeper County, Virginia I80261 Virts 
3 Brown, Ann  Abt 1775Culpeper County, Virginia I63069 Virts 
4 Brown, Elizabeth  Abt 1775Culpeper County, Virginia I63067 Virts 
5 Brown, Frances Stubblefield  27 Feb 1768Culpeper County, Virginia I62973 Virts 
6 Brown, George Thomas  2 Aug 1871Culpeper County, Virginia I61678 Virts 
7 Brown, Henry  1783Culpeper County, Virginia I63074 Virts 
8 Brown, Hezekiah  1737Culpeper County, Virginia I62960 Virts 
9 Brown, Hezekiah  1774Culpeper County, Virginia I63066 Virts 
10 Brown, Jael Dorcas  1771Culpeper County, Virginia I62975 Virts 
11 Brown, Lucy Hackley  10 Feb 1782Culpeper County, Virginia I63072 Virts 
12 Brown, Mary  22 Apr 1764Culpeper County, Virginia I62971 Virts 
13 Butler, Charles William  Sep 1851Culpeper County, Virginia I53375 Virts 
14 Butler, Mary Catherine  22 Aug 1872Culpeper County, Virginia I59926 Virts 
15 Butler, Samuel G.  20 Sep 1863Culpeper County, Virginia I59979 Virts 
16 Butler, Sarah Ann  24 Apr 1879Culpeper County, Virginia I59925 Virts 
17 Butler, Virginia L.  24 May 1878Culpeper County, Virginia I59927 Virts 
18 Butler, William Jeferson  4 Aug 1874Culpeper County, Virginia I59928 Virts 
19 Compton, Mary Ann  19 Aug 1813Culpeper County, Virginia I42109 Virts 
20 Compton, Mary Margaret  4 Jan 1881Culpeper County, Virginia I58269 Virts 
21 Cornwell, Foster Franklin  7 Dec 1920Culpeper County, Virginia I61201 Virts 
22 Cornwell, Ida Blanche  18 Oct 1884Culpeper County, Virginia I53290 Virts 
23 Cornwell, Maude Bell  23 Mar 1886Culpeper County, Virginia I61713 Virts 
24 Cornwell, Murrell Milton  12 Dec 1926Culpeper County, Virginia I61203 Virts 
25 Cornwell, Solame O.  23 Mar 1886Culpeper County, Virginia I61187 Virts 
26 Daniel, Elizabeth  11 Nov 1755Culpeper County, Virginia I21109 Virts 
27 Fletcher, Susan M.  1802Culpeper County, Virginia I39410 Virts 
28 Gimbel, Irene Mary  11 Jul 1929Culpeper County, Virginia I56355 Virts 
29 Hackley, Albinia Clarke  1842Culpeper County, Virginia I58422 Virts 
30 Hackley, Andrew Jackson  13 Aug 1846Culpeper County, Virginia I21413 Virts 
31 Hackley, Benjamin Franklin  25 Dec 1845Culpeper County, Virginia I58294 Virts 
32 Hackley, Bertha Jemima  6 May 1889Culpeper County, Virginia I53251 Virts 
33 Hackley, Beulah R.  31 May 1891Culpeper County, Virginia I21558 Virts 
34 Hackley, Catherine M.  Abt 1845Culpeper County, Virginia I21410 Virts 
35 Hackley, Charles Lewis  24 Sep 1896Culpeper County, Virginia I39035 Virts 
36 Hackley, Chloe Ella  2 Mar 1877Culpeper County, Virginia I42117 Virts 
37 Hackley, Eleanor  29 Jan 1787Culpeper County, Virginia I39626 Virts 
38 Hackley, Elizabeth  Abt 1741Culpeper County, Virginia I60522 Virts 
39 Hackley, Elizabeth Mary  19 Sep 1798Culpeper County, Virginia I39602 Virts 
40 Hackley, Ella Fountain  22 Apr 1853Culpeper County, Virginia I53282 Virts 
41 Hackley, Ella J.  3 Aug 1862Culpeper County, Virginia I21593 Virts 
42 Hackley, Elliott  9 Feb 1778Culpeper County, Virginia I39411 Virts 
43 Hackley, Emily Sowers  30 Aug 1844Culpeper County, Virginia I53259 Virts 
44 Hackley, Fleeta Gray  Abt 1850Culpeper County, Virginia I38897 Virts 
45 Hackley, George Burwell  14 Oct 1819Culpeper County, Virginia I21408 Virts 
46 Hackley, Georgianna  17 Aug 1843Culpeper County, Virginia I58289 Virts 
47 Hackley, Goodrich Lightfoot  26 Oct 1772Culpeper County, Virginia I39605 Virts 
48 Hackley, Granville Lawrence  8 Jan 1912Culpeper County, Virginia I48160 Virts 
49 Hackley, Helen Ruth  6 Apr 1892Culpeper County, Virginia I39037 Virts 
50 Hackley, Howard Conrad  9 Jul 1898Culpeper County, Virginia I21560 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Judith  1772Culpeper County, Virginia I21105 Virts 
2 Ball, Samuel  16 Aug 1751Culpeper County, Virginia I67119 Virts 
3 Butler, Margaret  4 Mar 1751Culpeper County, Virginia I21422 Virts 
4 Campbell, Willie Allaire  16 Mar 1950Culpeper County, Virginia I53253 Virts 
5 Cornwell, George Franklin  29 Dec 1934Culpeper County, Virginia I61199 Virts 
6 Foster, John Martin  31 Mar 1942Culpeper County, Virginia I21495 Virts 
7 Fox, Martha  Bef May 1839Culpeper County, Virginia I38891 Virts 
8 Hackley, Albinia Clarke  May 1863Culpeper County, Virginia I58422 Virts 
9 Hackley, Eleanor  1791Culpeper County, Virginia I21419 Virts 
10 Hackley, Ella Fountain  19 Aug 1937Culpeper County, Virginia I53282 Virts 
11 Hackley, Emily Sowers  May 1862Culpeper County, Virginia I53259 Virts 
12 Hackley, George Washington  21 Dec 1939Culpeper County, Virginia I21207 Virts 
13 Hackley, Henrietta  Culpeper County, Virginia I21143 Virts 
14 Hackley, James  10 Aug 1884Culpeper County, Virginia I21086 Virts 
15 Hackley, John Andrew  2 Apr 1751Culpeper County, Virginia I21128 Virts 
16 Hackley, Joseph  1750Culpeper County, Virginia I39259 Virts 
17 Hackley, Keith Dix  14 May 1986Culpeper County, Virginia I21690 Virts 
18 Hackley, Lena Catherine  12 Nov 1906Culpeper County, Virginia I21559 Virts 
19 Hackley, Mary  4 Mar 1798Culpeper County, Virginia I21420 Virts 
20 Hackley, Susan Ida Corlton  2 Nov 1914Culpeper County, Virginia I58336 Virts 
21 Hackley, Thomas Jefferson  31 Dec 1864Culpeper County, Virginia I53361 Virts 
22 Hackley, Walter Marion  23 Oct 1947Culpeper County, Virginia I53250 Virts 
23 Hackley, William Rutherford  1 Feb 1935Culpeper County, Virginia I21206 Virts 
24 Kelly, William  1751Culpeper County, Virginia I21478 Virts 
25 Kines, John W.  May 1863Culpeper County, Virginia I58423 Virts 
26 McDonald, Melmora Rosalie  20 Jan 1941Culpeper County, Virginia I21556 Virts 
27 Stubblefield, George  27 Mar 1837Culpeper County, Virginia I62952 Virts 
28 Stubblefield, James  1777Culpeper County, Virginia I62953 Virts 
29 Stubblefield, Thomas George  Abt 1757Culpeper County, Virginia I21755 Virts 
30 Thayer, Eva  16 Apr 1885Culpeper County, Virginia I53285 Virts 
31 Thayer, John Robert  7 Mar 1924Culpeper County, Virginia I53283 Virts 
32 Thayer, Leslie  1 May 1884Culpeper County, Virginia I53287 Virts 
33 Thayer, Maude Ella  18 Jun 1896Culpeper County, Virginia I53288 Virts 
34 Thorpe, Katie Lee  20 Mar 1992Culpeper County, Virginia I103137 Virts 
35 Underwood, Lott  1773Culpeper County, Virginia I21757 Virts 
36 Underwood, William V  Dec 1773Culpeper County, Virginia I21756 Virts 
37 Weaver, Bernard Rudasill  15 Jun 1994Culpeper County, Virginia I58344 Virts 
38 Weaver, Eddie Edward  15 Apr 1913Culpeper County, Virginia I60335 Virts 
39 Weaver, Mack Carter  25 Feb 1963Culpeper County, Virginia I60327 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hitt  Culpeper County, Virginia I61640 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brown / Stubblefield  1763Culpeper County, Virginia F25130 Virts 
2 Brown / Welsh  11 Apr 1812Culpeper County, Virginia F25183 Virts 
3 Butler / Hackley  4 Nov 1871Culpeper County, Virginia F21167 Virts 
4 Butler / Hackley  23 Sep 1877Culpeper County, Virginia F23810 Virts 
5 Compton / Adams  16 Feb 1798Culpeper County, Virginia F23763 Virts 
6 Crigler / Hackley  27 Dec 1879Culpeper County, Virginia F21165 Virts 
7 Gunnell / Thayer  12 Aug 1944Culpeper County, Virginia F21135 Virts 
8 Hackley /   21 Dec 1933Culpeper County, Virginia F44345 Virts 
9 Hackley / Blair  9 May 1839Culpeper County, Virginia F7559 Virts 
10 Hackley / Chancellor  14 Dec 1819Culpeper County, Virginia F15507 Virts 
11 Hackley / Clark  23 Dec 1799Culpeper County, Virginia F15502 Virts 
12 Hackley / Doores  5 Sep 1836Culpeper County, Virginia F15504 Virts 
13 Hackley / Finks  23 Dec 1851Culpeper County, Virginia F21164 Virts 
14 Hackley / Hackley  28 Dec 1871Culpeper County, Virginia F16693 Virts 
15 Hackley / Hackley  3 Jan 1880Culpeper County, Virginia F7495 Virts 
16 Hackley / Jenkins  31 Mar 1864Culpeper County, Virginia F7627 Virts 
17 Hackley / Lightfoot  Sep 1768Culpeper County, Virginia F15775 Virts 
18 Hackley / McDonald  4 Jul 1886Culpeper County, Virginia F7608 Virts 
19 Hackley / McDonald  29 Nov 1888Culpeper County, Virginia F7613 Virts 
20 Hackley / Myers  21 Aug 1943Culpeper County, Virginia F21120 Virts 
21 Hackley / Poe  25 Jan 1931Culpeper County, Virginia F19096 Virts 
22 Hackley / Priest  27 Jan 1892Culpeper County, Virginia F7669 Virts 
23 Hackley / Wood  27 Jan 1876Culpeper County, Virginia F21117 Virts 
24 Kines / Hackley  29 Sep 1862Culpeper County, Virginia F23198 Virts 
25 Luddoth / Hackley  22 Jun 1869Culpeper County, Virginia F23953 Virts 
26 Payne / Hackley  26 Mar 1885Culpeper County, Virginia F39269 Virts 
27 Priest / Brown  1790Culpeper County, Virginia F25138 Virts 
28 Thayer / Hackley  10 Jan 1869Culpeper County, Virginia F21131 Virts 
29 Thayer / Hackley  21 Apr 1937Culpeper County, Virginia F21142 Virts 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Hackley /   10 Sep 1936Culpeper County, Virginia F44345 Virts 
2 Hackley / Putnam  20 Feb 1979Culpeper County, Virginia F27497 Virts