Bourbon County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Godman, Joseph Samuel  30 Aug 1850Bourbon County, Kentucky I79784 Virts 
2 Howard, Virginia B.  Aug 1861Bourbon County, Kentucky I79859 Virts 
3 Moreland, Lucius G. III  7 Jun 1938Bourbon County, Kentucky I79853 Virts 
4 Owsley, Edith A.  5 Aug 1875Bourbon County, Kentucky I79761 Virts 
5 Owsley, Elizabeth  5 Dec 1879Bourbon County, Kentucky I79789 Virts 
6 Redmon, Claude Griffith  13 Jun 1898Bourbon County, Kentucky I79821 Virts 
7 Redmon, Ida E.  3 Jul 1884Bourbon County, Kentucky I79861 Virts 
8 Redmon, John T. Jr.  15 Jan 1852Bourbon County, Kentucky I79858 Virts 
9 Robertson, Daniel E.  8 Apr 1798Bourbon County, Kentucky I78819 Virts 
10 Robertson, James  20 Jul 1793Bourbon County, Kentucky I79614 Virts 
11 Rogers, Richard Reid  4 Dec 1867Bourbon County, Kentucky I66942 Virts 
12 Speake, Cassandra  Abt 1800Bourbon County, Kentucky I79629 Virts 
13 Speake, Eleanor  Abt 1793Bourbon County, Kentucky I79624 Virts 
14 Speake, Louisa  Abt 1804Bourbon County, Kentucky I79638 Virts 
15 Speake, Mary  Abt 1797Bourbon County, Kentucky I79627 Virts 
16 Speake, Nancy  Abt 1795Bourbon County, Kentucky I79626 Virts 
17 Speake, Sarah  Abt 1791Bourbon County, Kentucky I79622 Virts 
18 Speake, William  Abt 1788Bourbon County, Kentucky I79621 Virts 
19 Speakes, Dorothy E.  23 Aug 1919Bourbon County, Kentucky I79843 Virts 
20 Speakes, George D.  16 Jun 1870Bourbon County, Kentucky I79771 Virts 
21 Speakes, Harry Davis Sr.  25 Jun 1882Bourbon County, Kentucky I79763 Virts 
22 Speakes, Harry Davis Jr.  4 Mar 1929Bourbon County, Kentucky I79786 Virts 
23 Speakes, Helen Errol  9 Oct 1903Bourbon County, Kentucky I79801 Virts 
24 Speakes, Hezekiah  1833Bourbon County, Kentucky I79869 Virts 
25 Speakes, John T.  6 Feb 1858Bourbon County, Kentucky I79772 Virts 
26 Speakes, Lela Carol  3 Apr 1897Bourbon County, Kentucky I79799 Virts 
27 Speakes, Lou Ella  2 Feb 1860Bourbon County, Kentucky I79768 Virts 
28 Speakes, Mary Agnes  5 Jun 1874Bourbon County, Kentucky I79762 Virts 
29 Speakes, Minerva N.  16 Sep 1917Bourbon County, Kentucky I79841 Virts 
30 Speakes, Nell  2 Aug 1899Bourbon County, Kentucky I79800 Virts 
31 Speakes, Owsley Palmer  15 Jul 1906Bourbon County, Kentucky I79797 Virts 
32 Speakes, William Edward  25 Nov 1862Bourbon County, Kentucky I79766 Virts 
33 Speakes, William Talbot  13 Jan 1916Bourbon County, Kentucky I79765 Virts 
34 Speaks, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Bourbon County, Kentucky I79619 Virts 
35 Speaks, Hezekiah Allen Jr.  Abt 1804Bourbon County, Kentucky I79753 Virts 
36 Speaks, John Tucker  18 Jun 1828Bourbon County, Kentucky I79755 Virts 
37 Speaks, Nancy  Abt 1832Bourbon County, Kentucky I79856 Virts 
38 Speaks, William Henry  21 Jul 1831Bourbon County, Kentucky I79757 Virts 
39 Thomas, Claude M.  5 Feb 1863Bourbon County, Kentucky I66720 Virts 
40 Thomas, Edwin Kerr  24 Aug 1840Bourbon County, Kentucky I66719 Virts 
41 Thomas, Edwin Kerr Jr.  14 Dec 1864Bourbon County, Kentucky I66735 Virts 
42 Tucker, Nancy  17 Jan 1796Bourbon County, Kentucky I79615 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ammerman, Lillie May  17 Jul 1917Bourbon County, Kentucky I79767 Virts 
2 Collins, Emma Louise  25 Jun 1994Bourbon County, Kentucky I66728 Virts 
3 Elder, Flaget Samuel  8 Aug 1933Bourbon County, Kentucky I85495 Virts 
4 Godman, Joseph Samuel  7 Jul 1927Bourbon County, Kentucky I79784 Virts 
5 Goodwin, William M.  10 Apr 1933Bourbon County, Kentucky I66754 Virts 
6 Hall, Elizabeth  23 Aug 1992Bourbon County, Kentucky I79830 Virts 
7 Owsley, Edith A.  17 Mar 1950Bourbon County, Kentucky I79761 Virts 
8 Speake, Hezekiah Allen  1837Bourbon County, Kentucky I79616 Virts 
9 Speakes, Blanton Palmer  26 Mar 1958Bourbon County, Kentucky I79760 Virts 
10 Speakes, Hezekiah  4 Nov 1854Bourbon County, Kentucky I79869 Virts 
11 Speakes, Lela Carol  19 Aug 1986Bourbon County, Kentucky I79799 Virts 
12 Speakes, Lou Ella  27 May 1936Bourbon County, Kentucky I79768 Virts 
13 Speakes, Nell  Oct 1966Bourbon County, Kentucky I79800 Virts 
14 Thomas, Claude M.  21 Jul 1936Bourbon County, Kentucky I66720 Virts 
15 Thomas, Edwin Kerr Jr.  1 Jun 1889Bourbon County, Kentucky I66735 Virts 
16 Tucker, Eleanor  Abt 1842Bourbon County, Kentucky I79617 Virts 
17 Wood, Elizabeth  Abt 1795Bourbon County, Kentucky I78681 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Booth / Speaks  4 Oct 1809Bourbon County, Kentucky F32220 Virts 
2 Fry / Speake  13 May 1816Bourbon County, Kentucky F32222 Virts 
3 Kline / Speake  6 Jun 1829Bourbon County, Kentucky F32226 Virts 
4 Lea / Redmon  24 Jul 1912Bourbon County, Kentucky F32317 Virts 
5 Redmon / Speaks  1 Sep 1845Bourbon County, Kentucky F32315 Virts 
6 Robertson / Tucker  10 Dec 1801Bourbon County, Kentucky F31866 Virts 
7 Speakes / Ammerman  8 Aug 1887Bourbon County, Kentucky F32278 Virts 
8 Speaks / Garrard  12 Jun 1827Bourbon County, Kentucky F32273 Virts 
9 Speaks / Hinston  12 Jul 1848Bourbon County, Kentucky F32274 Virts 
10 Speaks / Palmer  10 Feb 1857Bourbon County, Kentucky F32275 Virts