Adams County, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beckett, Delia Ann  26 Sep 1877Adams County, Illinois I79276 Virts 
2 Beckett, Doctor Lynn  20 Jul 1886Adams County, Illinois I79289 Virts 
3 Beckett, Edward A.  1903Adams County, Illinois I79265 Virts 
4 Beckett, Garnet S.  17 Aug 1896Adams County, Illinois I79261 Virts 
5 Beckett, Jessie Arthula  26 May 1882Adams County, Illinois I79287 Virts 
6 Beckett, John Emmett  12 Nov 1875Adams County, Illinois I79259 Virts 
7 Beckett, Laura Etta  13 Sep 1879Adams County, Illinois I79281 Virts 
8 Beckett, Marian Frances  9 Feb 1917Adams County, Illinois I79248 Virts 
9 Beckett, Mertie May  22 Dec 1887Adams County, Illinois I79242 Virts 
10 Beckett, Roger Edward  1931Adams County, Illinois I79268 Virts 
11 Booth, Georgia Elizabeth  18 Dec 1923Adams County, Illinois I79298 Virts 
12 Curry, Eugene Monta  19 Mar 1922Adams County, Illinois I79299 Virts 
13 Davis, Gladys Elva  20 Dec 1902Adams County, Illinois I79293 Virts 
14 Davis, Helen Margaret  7 Jan 1908Adams County, Illinois I79331 Virts 
15 Marshall, Charles Henry  22 Jul 1877Adams County, Illinois I79282 Virts 
16 Marshall, Esther Louise  5 Sep 1912Adams County, Illinois I79285 Virts 
17 Marshall, Joseph Thomas  26 Aug 1906Adams County, Illinois I79283 Virts 
18 Marshall, Russell Marion  11 Apr 1908Adams County, Illinois I79284 Virts 
19 Robertson, Albert G.  4 Mar 1877Adams County, Illinois I79353 Virts 
20 Robertson, Charles F.  14 Nov 1876Adams County, Illinois I79352 Virts 
21 Robertson, Charlotte Electa  17 Oct 1872Adams County, Illinois I78974 Virts 
22 Robertson, Flora Etta  16 Mar 1869Adams County, Illinois I78972 Virts 
23 Robertson, Mary Elizabeth  16 Sep 1837Adams County, Illinois I79204 Virts 
24 Selby, Ellecta Belle  30 May 1874Adams County, Illinois I79260 Virts 
25 Strickler, Luella Cordelia  25 Apr 1856Adams County, Illinois I79343 Virts 
26 Whitford, Caroline E.  24 Aug 1829Adams County, Illinois I79222 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beckett, Delia Ann  29 Jun 1955Adams County, Illinois I79276 Virts 
2 Beckett, Garnet S.  10 Jun 1984Adams County, Illinois I79261 Virts 
3 Beckett, Jessie Arthula  20 May 1961Adams County, Illinois I79287 Virts 
4 Beckett, Maria Elizabeth  17 Jan 1923Adams County, Illinois I79241 Virts 
5 Davis, Wilbur Shinn  4 Jun 1951Adams County, Illinois I79292 Virts 
6 Garner, William Sr.  5 Mar 1889Adams County, Illinois I78692 Virts 
7 Marshall, Joseph Thomas  16 Oct 1911Adams County, Illinois I79283 Virts 
8 Robertson, Albert G.  22 Mar 1895Adams County, Illinois I79353 Virts 
9 Robertson, Charles F.  2 Jun 1894Adams County, Illinois I79352 Virts 
10 Robertson, Charlotte Ann  31 Oct 1926Adams County, Illinois I79239 Virts 
11 Robertson, John  11 Oct 1863Adams County, Illinois I78965 Virts 
12 Robertson, Mary Elizabeth  20 Oct 1873Adams County, Illinois I79204 Virts 
13 Robertson, Nathan  29 Sep 1857Adams County, Illinois I78727 Virts 
14 Robertson, Sarah  21 Aug 1862Adams County, Illinois I78691 Virts 
15 Selby, Ellecta Belle  30 Jun 1960Adams County, Illinois I79260 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beckett / Carlin  10 Jan 1901Adams County, Illinois F32074 Virts 
2 Booth / Davis  1921Adams County, Illinois F32095 Virts 
3 Marshall / Beckett  24 Feb 1904Adams County, Illinois F32092 Virts 
4 Reynolds / Robertson  9 Apr 1857Adams County, Illinois F32057 Virts