Adair County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Woods, Dillery Emaile  19 Sep 1902Adair County, Kentucky I78002 Virts 
2 Wilson, James Robert  15 Jun 1865Adair County, Kentucky I84169 Virts 
3 Wilmore, James A.  20 Sep 1856Adair County, Kentucky I82070 Virts 
4 Williams, Shelby Lee  28 Jul 1928Adair County, Kentucky I74096 Virts 
5 Wethington, Urban Green  21 Mar 1873Adair County, Kentucky I74944 Virts 
6 Wethington, Thomas  Feb 1809Adair County, Kentucky I74571 Virts 
7 Wethington, Teresa  1805Adair County, Kentucky I90365 Virts 
8 Wethington, Susan F.  26 Jan 1854Adair County, Kentucky I73463 Virts 
9 Wethington, Pius  9 Mar 1844Adair County, Kentucky I74727 Virts 
10 Wethington, Minerva E.  1870Adair County, Kentucky I74943 Virts 
11 Wethington, Mary Lucy  1798Adair County, Kentucky I73904 Virts 
12 Wethington, Martina Jane  12 Oct 1871Adair County, Kentucky I74836 Virts 
13 Wethington, Martin V.  12 Oct 1875Adair County, Kentucky I74838 Virts 
14 Wethington, Martha  7 Jul 1929Adair County, Kentucky I74214 Virts 
15 Wethington, Ezekiel  4 Jul 1848Adair County, Kentucky I74583 Virts 
16 Wethington, Achillis Vencent  29 Feb 1844Adair County, Kentucky I74906 Virts 
17 Stayton, John Wesley  1 Sep 1845Adair County, Kentucky I75192 Virts 
18 Stayton, Beachel  2 Apr 1908Adair County, Kentucky I74213 Virts 
19 Speake, James W.  Abt 1838Adair County, Kentucky I90194 Virts 
20 Snow, Leslie F.  13 Aug 1869Adair County, Kentucky I1244 Virts 
21 Smith, Wyatt  14 Aug 1881Adair County, Kentucky I84170 Virts 
22 Smith, Mary Louise  24 Oct 1885Adair County, Kentucky I84171 Virts 
23 Smith, Joseph H.  1861Adair County, Kentucky I82094 Virts 
24 Smith, John Wyatt  Abt 1828Adair County, Kentucky I82066 Virts 
25 Smith, Hattie Frances  14 Apr 1911Adair County, Kentucky I84166 Virts 
26 Smith, Georgie  17 Aug 1872Adair County, Kentucky I84168 Virts 
27 Smith, Elizabeth C.  3 May 1866Adair County, Kentucky I82068 Virts 
28 Sanders, Maria Jane  1844Adair County, Kentucky I75121 Virts 
29 Page, Thomas S.  28 May 1849Adair County, Kentucky I83874 Virts 
30 Page, Ellen B.  12 Apr 1847Adair County, Kentucky I83873 Virts 
31 Montgomery, Teresa  1817Adair County, Kentucky I73910 Virts 
32 Montgomery, Sylvester  Mar 1830Adair County, Kentucky I73907 Virts 
33 McKee, Lelia J.  9 Oct 1857Adair County, Kentucky I81668 Virts 
34 Knifley, Liza A.  4 Jul 1900Adair County, Kentucky I75167 Virts 
35 Knifley, Catharine  1837Adair County, Kentucky I74925 Virts 
36 Jones, Emalene  25 Jun 1915Adair County, Kentucky I75170 Virts 
37 Hendrickson, William Thomas  18 Nov 1860Adair County, Kentucky I75544 Virts 
38 Hendrickson, William S.  12 Dec 1872Adair County, Kentucky I75411 Virts 
39 Hendrickson, Virgie Green  12 Jan 1885Adair County, Kentucky I75161 Virts 
40 Hendrickson, Nancy Catherien  12 Apr 1849Adair County, Kentucky I75191 Virts 
41 Hendrickson, Marie Elizabeth  4 Sep 1866Adair County, Kentucky I75142 Virts 
42 Hendrickson, Joseph Isaac  26 Apr 1847Adair County, Kentucky I75157 Virts 
43 Hendrickson, John W.  1869Adair County, Kentucky I75122 Virts 
44 Hendrickson, James Wesley  26 Jun 1867Adair County, Kentucky I75159 Virts 
45 Hendrickson, Felix Cromwell  31 Dec 1853Adair County, Kentucky I75409 Virts 
46 Hendrickson, Cora Ellen  25 Mar 1875Adair County, Kentucky I75150 Virts 
47 Goode, Minervia Dorothy  3 Jun 1813Adair County, Kentucky I74831 Virts 
48 Goode, Green  20 Oct 1815Adair County, Kentucky I75116 Virts 
49 Cunningham, Walter Lionel  20 Sep 1884Adair County, Kentucky I74959 Virts 
50 Cunningham, Martha  3 Nov 1828Adair County, Kentucky I74917 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Winfrey, Margaret Catherine  28 Jun 1914Adair County, Kentucky I84161 Virts 
2 Wethington, Mary Lucy  1870Adair County, Kentucky I73904 Virts 
3 Wethington, Mary Jane  11 Jun 1931Adair County, Kentucky I74914 Virts 
4 Wethington, Martin V.  9 Feb 1914Adair County, Kentucky I74838 Virts 
5 Wethington, Joel  1900Adair County, Kentucky I74913 Virts 
6 Wethington, George Sidney  2 Sep 1953Adair County, Kentucky I74210 Virts 
7 Smith, Wyatt  3 Oct 1920Adair County, Kentucky I84170 Virts 
8 Smith, Joseph H.  13 Feb 1917Adair County, Kentucky I82094 Virts 
9 Smith, J. Clint  20 Mar 1917Adair County, Kentucky I84163 Virts 
10 Smith, Hattie Frances  3 Jun 1911Adair County, Kentucky I84166 Virts 
11 Sherrill, Anna Lou  6 Aug 1964Adair County, Kentucky I75177 Virts 
12 Page, Virginia R.  11 Jan 1923Adair County, Kentucky I83872 Virts 
13 Page, Guy S.  5 Sep 1896Adair County, Kentucky I83902 Virts 
14 Murphy, Joseph Roy  3 Jul 1930Adair County, Kentucky I74644 Virts 
15 Montgomery, Sylvester  1875Adair County, Kentucky I73907 Virts 
16 Hendrickson, Virgie Green  8 May 1962Adair County, Kentucky I75161 Virts 
17 Harrison, Fannie  5 May 1946Adair County, Kentucky I83882 Virts 
18 Goode, Green  3 Mar 1838Adair County, Kentucky I75116 Virts 
19 Goode, Fleming  21 Apr 1858Adair County, Kentucky I74794 Virts 
20 Cunningham, Martha  2 May 1911Adair County, Kentucky I74917 Virts 
21 Corneal, John W.  5 May 1943Adair County, Kentucky I78006 Virts 
22 Corbin, Arlena  17 Nov 1951Adair County, Kentucky I90712 Virts 
23 Coffey, William Allen  31 Jan 1939Adair County, Kentucky I83881 Virts 
24 Coffey, Robert Graves  9 May 1908Adair County, Kentucky I83883 Virts 
25 Coffey, Joseph Jr.  7 Dec 1910Adair County, Kentucky I83897 Virts 
26 Clements, Sheila Ann  31 Jul 2015Adair County, Kentucky I77980 Virts 
27 Brawner, Elizabeth S.  1863Adair County, Kentucky I83903 Virts 
28 Belton, Beriah  6 May 1934Adair County, Kentucky I90377 Virts 
29 Beard, Elba Lee  30 Apr 1924Adair County, Kentucky I75179 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Wilmore / Smith  15 Jan 1880Adair County, Kentucky F33203 Virts 
2 Wethington / Cunningham  17 Sep 1857Adair County, Kentucky F30354 Virts 
3 Wethington / Clements  23 May 1820Adair County, Kentucky F29979 Virts 
4 Wethington / Clements  28 Jan 1807Adair County, Kentucky F29819 Virts 
5 Speaks / Wethington  Abt 1832Adair County, Kentucky F36603 Virts 
6 Smith / Speake  22 Nov 1853Adair County, Kentucky F33202 Virts 
7 Smith / Brawner  19 Apr 1829Adair County, Kentucky F33975 Virts 
8 Page / Browner  13 Sep 1833Adair County, Kentucky F33962 Virts 
9 Morning / Speake  7 Nov 1861Adair County, Kentucky F33035 Virts 
10 Montgomery / Wethington  1 Nov 1823Adair County, Kentucky F29976 Virts 
11 Hendrickson / Wethington  11 Nov 1838Adair County, Kentucky F30435 Virts 
12 Hendrickson / Sanders  27 Aug 1861Adair County, Kentucky F30436 Virts 
13 Hendrickson / Pelley  4 Mar 1886Adair County, Kentucky F30437 Virts 
14 Frazer / Brawner  9 Apr 1816Adair County, Kentucky F33974 Virts 
15 Cunningham / Wethington  13 Oct 1870Adair County, Kentucky F30352 Virts 
16 Cunningham / Mann  10 Nov 1903Adair County, Kentucky F30372 Virts 
17 Coffey / Page  20 Jan 1863Adair County, Kentucky F33963 Virts 
18 Clements / Speaks  31 Aug 1820Adair County, Kentucky F29694 Virts 
19 Carlisle / Brawner  23 Jul 1822Adair County, Kentucky F33977 Virts 
20 Brown / Clements  29 Jan 1945Adair County, Kentucky F36742 Virts 
21 Brawner / Atkinson  18 Feb 1817Adair County, Kentucky F33996 Virts 
22 Belton / Robinson  8 Dec 1931Adair County, Kentucky F36750 Virts 
23 Belton / Corbin  8 Sep 1924Adair County, Kentucky F36748 Virts