Rocky Mount, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boone, Henry E.  17 Mar 1885Rocky Mount, Virginia I25149 Virts 
2 Boone, Lucille Frances  30 Nov 1913Rocky Mount, Virginia I35374 Virts 
3 Bowman, Charlie David  7 Aug 1910Rocky Mount, Virginia I13512 Virts 
4 Dowdy, Edward Roy William  18 Apr 1898Rocky Mount, Virginia I8514 Virts 
5 Dudley, Robert Vernon  12 Mar 1900Rocky Mount, Virginia I35576 Virts 
6 Forbes, Viola Curtis  11 Mar 1897Rocky Mount, Virginia I22199 Virts 
7 Lynch, Thomas Harrison Jr.  18 Jun 1942Rocky Mount, Virginia I8772 Virts 
8 McNeil, Sally May  14 May 1891Rocky Mount, Virginia I22214 Virts 
9 Peters, Zaida Mae  11 Mar 1881Rocky Mount, Virginia I62065 Virts 
10 Sink, Elizabeth Francis  16 Nov 1917Rocky Mount, Virginia I13214 Virts 
11 Wertz, Rhoda Madaline  29 Dec 1872Rocky Mount, Virginia I25412 Virts 
12 Wertz, Samuel T.  31 Jul 1870Rocky Mount, Virginia I22185 Virts 
13 Wray, Joe Thomas  3 Feb 1906Rocky Mount, Virginia I42622 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abell, Louis Payton Jr.  22 Jun 1984Rocky Mount, Virginia I8301 Virts 
2 Anderson, Betty Elizabeth  27 Dec 1972Rocky Mount, Virginia I10523 Virts 
3 Anderson, David Plain  29 Dec 1958Rocky Mount, Virginia I10522 Virts 
4 Anderson, Elsie Miriam  17 Apr 2005Rocky Mount, Virginia I10626 Virts 
5 Anderson, Harry Thomas  15 Jan 1970Rocky Mount, Virginia I10558 Virts 
6 Anderson, Leonard Dearwood  26 Jan 1989Rocky Mount, Virginia I10562 Virts 
7 Anderson, Winfred Clinton  16 Nov 2006Rocky Mount, Virginia I10659 Virts 
8 Angell, Mable M.  7 Jul 2011Rocky Mount, Virginia I42626 Virts 
9 Angle, Rebecca Jane  8 Oct 2009Rocky Mount, Virginia I35427 Virts 
10 Ashworth, Denton Isaac  13 Jul 2004Rocky Mount, Virginia I69422 Virts 
11 Austin, Wilmer Wagner  1 Feb 1980Rocky Mount, Virginia I6747 Virts 
12 Beckner, Edith Marie  24 Feb 1969Rocky Mount, Virginia I6740 Virts 
13 Beckner, Emory Noah  20 Jul 1973Rocky Mount, Virginia I6687 Virts 
14 Boitnott, Lou Ellen  13 Dec 1969Rocky Mount, Virginia I10557 Virts 
15 Boitnott, Nellie Elizabeth  17 Jun 2010Rocky Mount, Virginia I10856 Virts 
16 Boone, Daniel Jacob  9 Feb 1987Rocky Mount, Virginia I35378 Virts 
17 Boone, Edith Lois  24 Oct 1983Rocky Mount, Virginia I35372 Virts 
18 Boone, Elbert Glenn  3 Jun 1993Rocky Mount, Virginia I35373 Virts 
19 Boone, Henry E.  10 Jul 1961Rocky Mount, Virginia I25149 Virts 
20 Boone, Jimmie Booth  8 May 2005Rocky Mount, Virginia I35419 Virts 
21 Boone, Lydia Elizabeth  28 Oct 2005Rocky Mount, Virginia I13135 Virts 
22 Boone, Virginia Dare  3 Jul 1997Rocky Mount, Virginia I35384 Virts 
23 Booth, Virginia  27 Jul 2008Rocky Mount, Virginia I35418 Virts 
24 Bower, Harry Elmer  23 Aug 1980Rocky Mount, Virginia I6803 Virts 
25 Bowman, Betty Mae  2 Sep 2004Rocky Mount, Virginia I11207 Virts 
26 Bowman, Harold Emory  27 Jan 1995Rocky Mount, Virginia I47831 Virts 
27 Bowman, John Stoner  4 Aug 2005Rocky Mount, Virginia I6880 Virts 
28 Bowser, Richard Leroy  8 Sep 1996Rocky Mount, Virginia I13558 Virts 
29 Brubaker, Robert Christopher  18 Jan 1961Rocky Mount, Virginia I10655 Virts 
30 Cabinass, Frankie Ella  31 Dec 1980Rocky Mount, Virginia I10639 Virts 
31 Clingenpeel, Jerry Wayne  12 Dec 1997Rocky Mount, Virginia I10715 Virts 
32 Cundiff, Betty Lois  10 Jul 2000Rocky Mount, Virginia I10867 Virts 
33 Divers, Lucy  4 Jul 1982Rocky Mount, Virginia I6901 Virts 
34 English, Elsie Mary  5 Jun 1968Rocky Mount, Virginia I8760 Virts 
35 Ferguson, India Clay  7 Jul 1998Rocky Mount, Virginia I22171 Virts 
36 Ferguson, Walter Tyree  12 Dec 1970Rocky Mount, Virginia I10650 Virts 
37 Ferguson, Willard Wertz  25 Oct 1992Rocky Mount, Virginia I22174 Virts 
38 Fisher, Georgia Alice  28 Jul 1988Rocky Mount, Virginia I10658 Virts 
39 Flora, Melva  27 Nov 2014Rocky Mount, Virginia I61359 Virts 
40 Fralin, Linda Diane  4 Sep 2001Rocky Mount, Virginia I42669 Virts 
41 Hall, Gerald Wayne  13 Jul 2003Rocky Mount, Virginia I42655 Virts 
42 Hudson, Nannie Myrtle  30 Sep 1999Rocky Mount, Virginia I22130 Virts 
43 Jamison, Mary Elizabeth  23 Apr 1998Rocky Mount, Virginia I13172 Virts 
44 Leedy, William Arman  23 Jan 1941Rocky Mount, Virginia I22184 Virts 
45 Lynch, Thomas Harrison Sr.  25 Jun 1995Rocky Mount, Virginia I8770 Virts 
46 Meador, Harry Milton Jr.  28 Nov 1952Rocky Mount, Virginia I97587 Virts 
47 Reece, John Henry  23 Dec 1981Rocky Mount, Virginia I35388 Virts 
48 Reece, Richard Turner  5 Dec 1967Rocky Mount, Virginia I35385 Virts 
49 Rutrough, Ezra William  11 Feb 1999Rocky Mount, Virginia I13139 Virts 
50 Rutrough, Jesse David  20 Sep 1968Rocky Mount, Virginia I13140 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Ikenberry  3 Jun 1937Rocky Mount, Virginia F4230 Virts 
2 Boone / Johnson  4 Apr 1942Rocky Mount, Virginia F14156 Virts 
3 Durham / Anderson  16 Dec 1944Rocky Mount, Virginia F4263 Virts