Linn County, Iowa



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Belk, Owen O.  13 May 1897Linn County, Iowa I50737 Virts 
2 Campbell, Melvin  16 Jun 1899Linn County, Iowa I41299 Virts 
3 Clark, Ellen Rachel  23 Feb 1848Linn County, Iowa I51163 Virts 
4 Clark, Tryphosa  15 Mar 1850Linn County, Iowa I51140 Virts 
5 Gose, William August  8 Apr 1866Linn County, Iowa I76262 Virts 
6 Heddinger, Clara Esther  23 Apr 1903Linn County, Iowa I76299 Virts 
7 Keenan, Maggie  28 May 1867Linn County, Iowa I51049 Virts 
8 Kimble, Henry Harrison  Mar 1856Linn County, Iowa I51019 Virts 
9 Mann, David C.  2 Apr 1867Linn County, Iowa I51040 Virts 
10 Mann, Hamilton  1842Linn County, Iowa I41244 Virts 
11 Mann, Ivan Lee  25 Nov 1895Linn County, Iowa I41322 Virts 
12 Mann, Rosa M.  1871Linn County, Iowa I51058 Virts 
13 Mann, Stephen  19 Nov 1848Linn County, Iowa I41253 Virts 
14 Mann, Thomas  1881Linn County, Iowa I51056 Virts 
15 McCalley, Eva Margarite  18 Feb 1911Linn County, Iowa I25712 Virts 
16 McMurrin, Thomas Alvin  19 Feb 1932Linn County, Iowa I48684 Virts 
17 Palmer, Julia  23 Jul 1862Linn County, Iowa I50819 Virts 
18 Rose, Alta  29 Jul 1888Linn County, Iowa I50689 Virts 
19 Rose, Nancy  1876Linn County, Iowa I50690 Virts 
20 Speake, Ella R.  30 Jun 1862Linn County, Iowa I76234 Virts 
21 Speake, Louis E.  11 Feb 1861Linn County, Iowa I76233 Virts 
22 Speake, Lucretia Ellen  3 Jun 1852Linn County, Iowa I76245 Virts 
23 Stevens, Mary Catherine  24 May 1867Linn County, Iowa I50607 Virts 
24 Stevens, Sarah Margaret  27 Dec 1873Linn County, Iowa I50618 Virts 
25 Whitlatch, Anna Mary  5 Dec 1874Linn County, Iowa I50714 Virts 
26 Whitlatch, Mary Ann  3 Jan 1853Linn County, Iowa I50809 Virts 
27 Whitlatch, Nathan Burson  3 Jan 1859Linn County, Iowa I50816 Virts 
28 Wood, Harmon Jaspar  9 Oct 1880Linn County, Iowa I50939 Virts 
29 Wood, Hattie  1884Linn County, Iowa I50990 Virts 
30 Woods, Jesse  12 Sep 1888Linn County, Iowa I41284 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Heddinger, James John  1929Linn County, Iowa I76249 Virts 
2 Karnosh, Charles Edward  11 Jan 1984Linn County, Iowa I79705 Virts 
3 Kearns, John A.  10 Jun 1900Linn County, Iowa I41267 Virts 
4 Mann, Adam  6 Oct 1889Linn County, Iowa I41242 Virts 
5 Mann, Benjamin  12 Apr 1863Linn County, Iowa I50215 Virts 
6 Mann, Garrett  26 Oct 1880Linn County, Iowa I41221 Virts 
7 Mann, Jacob  5 Jul 1851Linn County, Iowa I41152 Virts 
8 Mann, Stephen  22 Jan 1892Linn County, Iowa I41253 Virts 
9 Pillard, Malvin F.  4 Nov 1997Linn County, Iowa I50481 Virts 
10 Speake, Elisa E.  Linn County, Iowa I74820 Virts 
11 Speake, Ella R.  2 Mar 1863Linn County, Iowa I76234 Virts 
12 Speake, George W.  1942Linn County, Iowa I74819 Virts 
13 Speake, Louis E.  21 Dec 1862Linn County, Iowa I76233 Virts 
14 Whitson, Guy Harrison  Sep 1976Linn County, Iowa I76295 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Haynes / Mann  21 Jul 1840Linn County, Iowa F19934 Virts 
2 Heefner / Elgin  24 Dec 1912Linn County, Iowa F10399 Virts 
3 Hines / Rider  2 Apr 1923Linn County, Iowa F19363 Virts 
4 Hoffman / Whitlatch  5 Apr 1893Linn County, Iowa F20124 Virts 
5 Mann / Coleman  24 Jun 1874Linn County, Iowa F16362 Virts 
6 Mann / Whitlatch  20 Jul 1845Linn County, Iowa F20160 Virts 
7 Pugh / Mann  3 Feb 1853Linn County, Iowa F20043 Virts 
8 Rose / Mann  27 Jun 1872Linn County, Iowa F19930 Virts 
9 Rundall / Whitlatch  1 Mar 1860Linn County, Iowa F20201 Virts 
10 Smith / Stevens  2 Sep 1867Linn County, Iowa F20096 Virts 
11 Speake / Chambers  21 Jun 1851Linn County, Iowa F30913 Virts 
12 Speake / Gillam  3 May 1860Linn County, Iowa F30906 Virts 
13 Stevens / Whitlatch  2 Apr 1867Linn County, Iowa F20178 Virts 
14 Whitlatch / Palmer  15 Jan 1880Linn County, Iowa F20155 Virts 
15 Wood / Whitlatch  8 Apr 1849Linn County, Iowa F20202 Virts